dun selangor bubar awalKhalid Ibrahim is trying to play poker…he wants to see BN’s card so he ‘sailang’…as the usual PKR’s stayle which is to pre-empt anything.

As the BN government continues to ‘put the heat’ on the opposition as to when the general election would be held, the oppositions are ‘testing’ the water by announcing to dissolve Selangor state assembly two weeks after Chap Goh Meh.

Its not that the announcement would make any difference to the opposition’s position in the state or the BN, it is just a way for the opposition to ‘lead’ the ruling BN into announcing the date for the dissolution of Parliament to pave the way for the 13th general election.

Khalid is actually being ‘dictated’ by none other than his boss Anwar Ibrahim to ‘pressure’ BN into calling the general election as fast as possible as the oppositions are now ‘feeling the rising temperature’ with voters demanding for the fulfillment of their 2008 general election pledges.

This is particularly in Selangor where suits are being filed against the State Government for failure to deliver its promises after winning the state then.

Needless to say, the Selangor opposition pact government has so many weaknesses that it cannot wait longer to go to the polls…the longer the polls are held, the more damage it will face.

Right now, the Malay and Indian voters are crying foul against the state government, demanding the promises made to be fulfilled and many have already filed suits against Khalid and his state government.

Before matters get worse and out of hand, Anwar feels it is better to ‘pressure’ BN to hold the general election fast as the longer BN delays, the worse the oppositions are in.

Right now, DAP and PAS are not in in good terms despite the leaders meeting each other, hugging each other, giving press statements like they are in love with each other but the reality down under is totally the opposite.

Already PAS members and former members who are still influential in their own ways are protesting at the party’s willingness or stupidity in following Pakatan’s liberalism and pluralism policies which clearly go against the party’s ideology and struggle.

Add to that is the members distrust with DAP in Penang led by CM Lim Guan Eng where he is clearly drawing the lines between Christian and Islam, splitting members of the two parties right in-between along religious and racial lines.

PAS members, who are fundamentalists are also angry with the leadership for sacking former deputy president who was a member of the Syura Council Nasharuddin Mat Isa for being ‘friendly’ with BN, particularly Umno.

Despite Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s statement saying Nasharuddin could join any other party, the members at grassroot level are not going along with the decision as they know the ‘outside’ hand involved.

They know who and what the objectives of this outside hand and they are very wary as they know the party’s intention of having party president Abdul Hadi Awang as Prime Minister will be fiercely opposed if the opposition pact wins the general election.

Given the scenario, it is no hiding the reasons why Khalid made the decision to dissolve the Selangor State Assembly after Chap Goh May celebration, as Khalid is just following the instruction given by Anwar.