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POLITIK#PecatFaekah : Khalid's Political Career Is On The Line

#PecatFaekah : Khalid’s Political Career Is On The Line

Some say that behind every successful men, lies a women, but the fall of a man would also be because of a woman. Perhaps Selangor’s Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Khalid Ibrahim would wall because of a woman that goes by the name of Faekah, his political secretary.

He seemed to be stuck in between love and responsibility. We do know that Khalid cares for Faekah, that is why he tries his best to defend her by saying,”Faekah only signed the support letter without any power to provide project to the company involved.” In this case, was found to have recommended her own niece’s company as a legal panel to the state’s subsidiary companies.

It is lucky that Khalid did not need to make his own decisions, but he needed to make decisions collectively through Exco meetings. What happened was that the Exco had taken the decision that Faekah should resign tomorrow.

Many are saying that Faekah is the backbone behind Khalid’s power and what is happening now saddens Khalid. As he face various internal threats, losing even one of his followers would definitely deteriorate his moral and spirit.

Faekah is not just just secretary, she is also his personal connection between Khalid and the party President, Wan Azizah. Through Faekah, issues within the party can be discussed personally with the President without having to go through protocols during party meetings. Especially the fact that no one really respects him even though he is a Chief Minister. That is why such relationship is vital for him.

Less respect towards him makes it harder for him to control and observe his surroundings. Even most of the times, he would spend his time observing around to ensure that he would not be stabbed from behind.

With Faekah gone, it would be harder for Khalid to secure himself.

Faekah’s case would provide more opportunity for Khalid’s enemies to shoot him. With this case, him being vulnerable is no longer a secret.

Faekah would never have the guts ti sign any reccomendation letter if Khalid is strict and knew how to control the people around him. His attitude of being too dependant to Faekah had caused her to not think too much and simply sign the letter.

There is no use for Khalid to point his finger to Azmin or any Excos to what had happened to Faekah. Even if it is too hard for him to swallow, he has to admit that this happened due to his weak leadership.

Whatever it is, it is not wise for us to blame this a hundred percent on Khalid because leading a state under PKR is not easy. PKR is a party that is surrounded by people from various backgrounds including those who loves total freedom. These are the kinds of people who are hard to control. That is why we are able to witness the dirtiest election in history (PKR election).

Khalid Ibrahim obviously realize that Faekah’s resignation shows that his political career is about get to the end. It is not impossible that it would be over even before GE13. Exco’s result not going for his opinion show that he do not even get any support from his own Excos. How could a Chief Minister last without even getting any support from his Excos? Moreover, we are certain that Khalid’s enemies have been targeting Khalid for a very long time and this time, Faekah is not going to be there to protect him.



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