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BERITAENGLISHKit Siang Is Raged With Anwar

Kit Siang Is Raged With Anwar

anwar-kit-siang-ipoh-timorThe chaos in Pakatan Rakyat seems to be getting worse. If back then PR is seen as a ship with three captains, not it seems like the coalition does not have any captains at all.

DAP which seems to be very dominant is also getting nowhere when their iron-fist style of ruling does not work at all.

Today, we really do not know who is really the leader of PR. Each party leaders seem to always change and announcing their own candidates without discussions or considering the sentiments from grass roots.

The actions of changing seats due to overconfidence has been proven to be irrelevant. Few attendance in series of ceramah and unwelcoming visits proves that PR is not accepted in those constituencies. Even if the ceramah receives a lot of attendance, we would still see fight for seats between the three parties or rejection of candidates from grass roots.

Lim Kit Siang is one of those who decided to change constituency from Ipoh Timur, Perak to Gelang Patah, Johor.

The reason for that is to challenge MCA as well as scaring BN, hence taking over Johor. Anwar in the other hand, was earlier reported that he will contest in Perak. With this, both states can be taken away, other than keeping Penang, from their view.

However, status quo in both states made them realize that they are not that smart in making strategies.

Kit Siang now realize that he is going against ‘himself’ as he faces Anwar. Their twisting and dictating minds will never allow them to work together well.

That is why, even though the decision where Anwar contests in Perak is mutually agreed by PR leaders, Anwar then decided to change his mind and wishes to contest in Permatang Pauh, his safe zone.

The thing is, the early decision to ‘run away’ from Permatang Pauh was due to the lack of confidence that they could win there. However, considering that things are much more dangerous in Perak, Anwar chooses to go back to his original constituency without discussing the matter to anyone.

This makes Kit Siang mad that he came up with the statement saying,”Su Jiu Su, Si Jiu Si” (lose or die, let it be!). Clearly, that is the expression which cannot he can no longer hide. As if he has given up, that is what we see on this DAP’s dictator.

Perhaps we should compliment Anwar for being able to break the moral of a kiasu leader. After decades of being in politics, we rarely see Kit Siang unable to control himself. Kit Siang seem like he has given up as he realize that he has failed to control Anwar, and even PAS in the last minute.

Both of DAP allies seem to have gone their separate ways in setting candidates and seats, and no one goes to DAP for approval anymore. It gets sadder for Kit Siang when some DAP leaders decided to resign as they are not satisfied with his decisions.

It seems like Anwar’s cunningness and PAS’s stupidity is really making this kiasu mad.

That is why, our message to kit Siang, do not trust liars such as Anwar and never look down upon PAS’s idiocy. idiots and liars are usually unpredictable because they can do anything they like.



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