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Ku Li Becomes PM If PR wins

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah
Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

Anwar being rejected by PAS Syura Council is no longer rumor or any political propaganda. The fact is, PAS Syura Council is really serious in refusing to accept Anwar as the Prime Minister over his moral issues, LGBT, liberal and pluralism.

The rejection is led by Hadi Awang himself, Awang, Haron Din, Haron Taib, Tuan Ibrahim and a few others in the Syura Council.

The names Hadi Awang and Ku Li was then brought up front as Prime Minister candidates.

However, Ku Li is seen to have more potential as he could maintain Kelantan, other than having a much cleaner image than Anwar. Ku Li is also well accepted by Malays, he even managed to raise Malay votes for PAS. Besides that, Ku Li also has been in UMNO for a very long time other than having a much more open image which could make it easier for bumiputera to accept him.

Due to this factor, Hadi had to be put aside for a while, especially to avoid any problems with DAP.

PAS’ strategy would be, confirm that Ku Li will compete with UMNO’ ticket at his constituency, Gua Musang, unchallenged, and he should win. After that, Ku Li will then announce his withdrawal from UMNO and then campaign for Pakatan Rakyat as PM candidate.

However, this decision was made by PAS alone, without discussing any of it with neither PKR and DAP because they think that talking about PM candidate with both the components would be useless, based on experience, because most issues will never go in favor to PAS. All these while, the decision to put Anwar as PM has never been discussed and it has never been agreed by PAS but it still is considered as mutual understanding under democracy 2-1.

It seems like PAS is beginning to step up and they would not let DAP and PKR step on them. Syura Council, through Dato’ Haron Din, is now working hard to prove that they are not useless or slaves to anyone and PAS would no longer tolerate when it comes to issues involving Malays and Islam, especially the Kalimah Allah issue.

The decision on ‘PR Prime Minister’ was expressed to Anwar in a meeting attended by Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Haron Din on PAS’ behalf to Azmin, Saifuddin Nasution, Rahim Ghouse and Anwar himself for PKR. Anwar was reported to be raged when he received the news that he is rejected as Pakatan Rakyat Prime Minister candidate.

Anwar cannot accept the rejection and he then met Haron Din personally at his house. To avoid from being pushed by Anwar, Haron Din gave an excuse saying that Ku Li’s appointment would just be a transition, just to secure the win for election before handing over the PM post to Anwar.

However, obviously Anwar knew whether the excuse is logical or not.

The decision taken by Syura Council, however, seems ‘hanging’. This is because those who are involved, including Ku Li, still have not state anything, even he he does, we still would not know whether it comes from him or it is purely politics.

With DAP out of this discussion, obviously it would be tough for Syura Council to ensure their success in their plan.

What is certain, Anwar is really mad and his expressed it during PKR meeting. And surely, DAP would be furious with PAS for not ‘listening to them’.

This is not the first time PAS ever made a U-Turn while they are in Pakatan Rakyat. PAS had made several U-Turns in hudud issue, alcohol, gambling and a few others. Even this Kalimah Allah issue might not be PAS’ last U-Turn. in 2010, PAS agreed with DAP, but by 2012, they decided otherwise.

That is why, as long as PAS still hope to get to Putrajaya, would there be any guarantee that the party would not make another U-Turn to join DAP’s choir singing kalimah Allah in Bibles just so that they could get there?

If Syura Council really want to put religion ahead of politics, this is a good start. However, we still cannot really understand how can a group of Ulama use such cunning and dirty strategy to bring our their own ally just to be in power.

Just look at how they refuse to take any risk of losing the chance in winning GE, they simply pass the ball to Ku Li. But of course, stopped by Anwar and DAP. Thus, what would happen by the end of the game?

It is clear that PR is lost, even before GE. Thus, how can we put our hope on such lost party, to lead us?



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