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Kuala Besut By-Election: The 16:16 Flyers Makes DAP Tremble in Fear.



The tension between PAS-PKR in the midst of Kuala Besut by-election is no longer a secret. It is said that PKR members who attended the campaign are only there for show. Other than that, they are not doing anything to help PAS.

In addition to that, the act of appointing Husam Musa as the by-election director for PAS is not truly appreciated. Husam has set his heart and mind to remain loyal to Anwar Ibrahim and the PKR party. Husam carries the responsibility of being a parasite in PAS. As we all know, Husam Musa’s new mission now is to take over the PAS presidency.

Similar to his “brothers” in PKR, Husam also holds a grudge against Hadi Awang, who becomes the “avenging cleric” by backstabbing PKR prior to the 13th General Election. The statement made by Hadi about drug abuse among PKR members, truly left an ugly scar that can’t be conceal by the party. Now, PKR is said to sue Hadi for that particular statement.

PKR are also thinking of DAP’s call to boycott the Kuala Besut by-election. DAP stated their stand if PAS were to win the election, the Terengganu state seat would be 16:16. DAP worries that If this were to happen, PAS and UMNO will form a unity government and the spirit of unity would then spread to other states as well.

We are confident that PKR would be left in tattered if the union of PAS and UMNO were to happen. Even though PAS is ranked last on the result of the 13th General Election, the strength of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to manipulate Malay voters is because of PAS admission to the PR. Without PAS, it is hard for PKR or even DAP to trick the Malays to believe that they will uphold the sanctity of the Islamic faith and to safeguard the power of the Malay kings in this country.

DAP and PKR worries are not baseless after all when there are flyers distributed addressing the issue of a possible unity government are spread out in Kuala Besut. Even though the flyers are seen as PAS’s desperate tactic to win, it may influence Kuala Besut voters that are hoping for PAS-UMNO to unite.

Husam is familiar with this situation and truly understand the worries of PKR and DAP. But, as a person who put himself first rather than his party, Husam is seeking new ways to slingshot himself to fame. Because of that, he is seen as ignoring the position of Hadi Awang in Kuala Besut by-election by putting himself as the most important man in PAS for now.

His hope that, in the Kuala Besut by-election, PAS will realize that they were wrong for leaving him out in any party or state position.

The conclusion is, in Kuala Besut by-election, it is not a war between UMNO-PAS, but more about the psychological war between the leaders of the Pakatan Rakyat. It shows that the hypocrisy among PR leaders is chronic. It is correct to assume that PR is not only disunited but the infighting between their leaders can’t be anymore. Only their ego and stubbornness is holding them together for now.

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