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BERITAENGLISHLahad Datu: PR Having Mixed Stand

Lahad Datu: PR Having Mixed Stand

tianchua-lahaddatuA few weeks ago, the country was shocked with threat made by a group describing themselves as Sulu army who wants to demand for a part of land which is claimed to be theirs, in Sabah. Their small intrusion has somewhat developed to be more complicated than expected.

Intelligence report from Philippines revealed involvement from the opposition, Anwar Ibrahim in the intrusion. In a blink of an eye, what was referred to as a ‘tough crisis’, turns to a ‘big terrorism incident’, and it has the potential to turn to a guerrilla threat. The term Sulu army is also in doubt as there are clear evidence to show MNLF’s involvement which has close ties with Anwar.

Malaysians are saddened with all the casualties among our national security officers, stunned, to hear such horrible news.

Despite that, our sadness is not shared by the opposition. PKR Vice President, Tian Chua directly insulted our fallen national heroes. It is sad to see their comments in social networking sites making remarks such as ‘mati katak’ as well as other insults.

As if they are possessed, value of life and the country’s sovereignty doe not mean anything to them. Perhaps because they really believe Tian Chua’s claim saying that this is just another one of UMNO’s drama.

However, we cannot say that they really believe Tian Chua considering that Tok Guru Nik Aziz did convey his condolence, as well as respecting our fallen heroes. It is clear, Nik Aziz or PAS do not think that this incident is a drama. However, there are no statements from PAS which criticizes Sulu intruders, they only criticize the national security force.

And only a few days ago, DAP urged the government to condemn Sulu’s terrorism, even though DAP was the first who gets excited over this matter, just so that they can belittle our national security force. It seems now even DAP does not think this incident as mere drama.

However, PKR still could not stop criticizing our security force, defence as well as Malaysian government. This party do not say anything about Sulu. Whatever it is, it is clear from Anwar’s statement, that PKR also do not take it as a drama.

Even though the three parties seem to show that they do not think this incident as drama, but none of them hit Tian Chua!

Their action is causing confusion among their supporters. Hence, most of them decided to stick with Tian Chua’s word where everything is just a drama. That is why, until today, we could still see most PAS and PKR Muslim supporters insulting our fallen national heroes.

This happens because there are no mutual stand in PR when it comes to Lahad Datu issue. As long as PR does not come up with any official statement about the Sulu terrorism, and as long as no actions are made against Tian Chua by PKR and PR leadership, their supporters will remain confused.



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