Let Us All Go To British Virginia Island #pakdin.my

Commerce House Tortola, BVI

Exclusive story at the frontpage of New Strait Times newspaper today (follow-up from the 20 secret account of Anwar worth RM3 billion) really got writer’s attention to find the story behind this.

According to the report, a bank CEO told Anti-Corruption Body (BPR – now known as MACC) in 1999, that he was involved in managing the finance from Anwar’s account which is based in British Virginia Island (BVI). It is quite shocking because we have never really heard about the country, but at least we know that we have a lot of our money there – all because of Anwar.

Writer do not know the identity of the CEO but only now writer knows why the name Rashid brings a lot of sentimental value to Anwar that even a former prison inmate that has the same name as such became his first victim soon after he got out from prison in 2004. What is the relation between Rashid with the bank, you can search it for yourself, but it is known that this bank has a close relationship with Anwar.

Even Azmin’s wife, Shamsidar Taharin was also said to have a huge stock in the bank, but once again, writer would like to say here that writer do not want to speculate and writer would like to leave this to readers to judge.

As what we have known, the money is linked to the use of RM 1,000 and RM 500 notes which the production was then stopped by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) in 1998, as part of an economic recovery process which was attacked by foreign criminal in 1997. In the Statutory Declaration (SD) that was made by Datuk Murad, we can understand the matter, and how it was brought out from our country.

National Bank of the Virgin Island

How big is BVI’s economy, writer do not know, but what is clear now is that no matter what the value is, it is partly contributed by billions of our money that is kept there.

BVI, to writer’s knowledge, do not have the level of financial secrecy as big as Switzerland. In Switzerland, there are no such law that could order the bank to reveal information regarding their customers to any third party. Some say that Switzerland is the perfect place to deposit huge amount of money without even having to worry about answering to others – including illegal money.

Writer is certain that the banking system in BVI is no different than Britain who colonized the country. Obviously, there must be loopholes that can be found so that information of the account holder can be revealed to certain people. Perhaps there may be a few live witnesses that was questioned by BPR could finish up the investigation if the case is re-opened now.

That is, if Anwar’s bouncers would not get to them first.

British Virgin Islands

The government, MACC and BNM need to take this matter seriously. The money (even if the notes are no longer produced), should be brought back to this country to be ‘erased’ because it could effect the economy of this nation, especially when we talk about circulation of money. What would happen if the money is brought back to Malaysia and starts to enter our market? Obviously, inflation would go up.

Writer do not want to teach or lecture anyone because writer knew that BNM is aware of this matter. Something need to be done before our country gets to another economic breakdown especially after we survived from the sub-prime crisis that landed in America back in 2008.