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LGE-CSL Debate: DAP Paid Highest tax, PAS And PKR Should Just Follow

If the debate between MCA President, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and DAP’s Secretary General, Lim Guan Eng were to be seen from the angle of “Who Benefits Rakyat More”, no one could deny that Datuk Seri Dr. Chua have won in so many levels.

Unless, if the motion of the debate was “Who’s Policy Benefits Chinese The Most”. then Lim Guan Eng could have been the winner. But, the win might not be able to be put in reality because only one race would benefit from it where other races might have been put aside. This could lead to an instability which could lead to something worse.

And everyone cannot deny that MCA had won the debate from all of the arguments and that we cannot put aside the fact that LGE or DAP are chauvinists and racist after watching the debate.

LGE did not stop in raising the point where MCA follows UMNO. It was clear that LGE do not really have much problem with UMNO as an organization, but more because of the fact that UMNO is Malay. If UMNO is a Chinese party, he must have not have any issues with it.

In a way, LGE tried to show that DAP is not under Malay, but it is a dominant party that could bring PKR and PAS down.

Unlike the cooperation between UMNO, MCA and MIC where bond and respect is their main key for harmony, Pakatan Rakyat, in the eye of PGE, DAP should be higher than PAS and PKR because the Chinese cannot be as low as other races.

This attitude can be seen when LGE said,”Do not forget that the Chinese pay more tax in Malaysia.”

It is very clear that DAP feels that Chinese should run the country because they pay the most tax. But without him knowing, this only prove that the Chinese became rich and they live in luxury in Malaysia under the leadership of Barisan Nasional.

In short, PGE indirectly admit on the success of BN or MCA in fighting for Chinese even without putting their race as the Prime Minister.

Thus, what else is being fought by DAP of MCA already managed to make the Chinese as the higher taxpayers in Malaysia? Nothing. Unless, they want to ensure that Malaysia would have a Chinese Prime Minister, that is it. Such racist ambition.

In the matter of caring for other races and holding onto the cooperation with UMNO, MCA did not have to take any defensive move because what they have done all these while have been tremendous that they managed to put Chinese on top when it comes to Malaysian economy which LGE ended up having to admit.

How can other races feel safe under such racist party which certainly would not give any chance for other races to compete along with them like UMNO where they are prepared to give chance to non-Malays to generate wealth and success in this country.

What is certain, this chauvinist leader will never be able to lead Malaysia to great success, With all arguments going on Chinese interest alone, LGE had proven the fact that DAP is a party only for Chinese, not for other races.

The slogan ‘party for all races’ which he promotes only covers a few Malay and Indian individuals who follow everything they say.

The question is, what are PKR and PAS’s stand in this matter? Are they comfortable with the fact that they are controlled like puppets? What would happen to Malays and Indians if Pakatan Rakyat rule with DAP as the leader, PKR as their puppet and PAS as their slave?

The question which we can conclude from LGE’s points would be: Would pleasing Chinese in total could produce a better Malaysia?





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