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lim_guan_eng_dap_racist_rasis_nazi_hitler_penangSo the Penang To’kong Lim Guan Eng lied…not the first time but still a lie is a lie and this time it is serious, very serious and indeed serious.

He is trying to pass out a true Chinese as a Malay, manipulated the party election result to accommodate this Chinese as a Malay aimed at eye-washing the non-Malay party members and Malaysians in general.

Guan Eng lied about the party election result, then lied about Zairil Khir Johari and he will continue to lie to cover Zairil’s true identity and the coming lies to cover the recent lies are expected to be more believable.

Sure it has to be or else he cannot cover the lies he had created to convince and dupe party members who are calling for re-election but turned down by the party central committee or was it by Guan Eng himself.

Lying is a normal thing to Guan Eng and he seems so natural when he lies as proven time and again when accusations were made against him about his girlfriend rainbow and several other issues that include Zairil.

Guan Eng is no small child and no virgin politician…his moves are all calculated and despite ‘looking like a nerd’, he is no pushover.

Like when he suggested the use of word ‘ALLAH’ for all, he has actually created a deep religious divide between Muslims and Christians in the country which effect is long term and seriously undermine the good relationship Malaysians have all this while.

His suggestion could be viewed as a diversion to the call for re-election in the party but the reality is he is desperately wooing the Christian votes which could help the party stay afloat if Pakatan Rakyat alliance breaks up before the general election.

At present the three parties in Pakatan are bogged down with internal problems as well as ‘clashes of philosophies’ which see them distrusting each other and splitting hairs on many issues.

DAP and Guan Eng himself are facing credibility problem as Malays and Indians in the party doubt his sincerity and acknowledge his chauvinistic character that will not see any other race in the leadership line-up in future.

PKR is losing so much Malay support as the party leaders, particularly Anwar Ibrahim tries hard to put damage control as his ‘stooges’ that included Azrul Azwar of Bank Islam being exposed one-by-one.

For PAS, the party is now taking a hard stand on its fundamentalism philosophy, including the use of the word ‘ALLAH’ which antagonize DAP and PKR.

Given such scenario, Guan Eng is prepared to lie more and play more on racial and religious issues to make sure the party can go on its own if the Pakatan alliance turns sour in the immediate future.

After all, Guan Eng, just like Anwar, has no qualms or guilty feelings as lies to them are just in their blood.

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