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BERITAENGLISHLim Kit Siang Should Retire Just As Tun Mahathir @dapmalaysia

Lim Kit Siang Should Retire Just As Tun Mahathir @dapmalaysia

TunMahathirLim Kit Siang seemed shocked when Tun Mahathir urged rakyat of Johor to end the political career of the DAP leader who will be contesting at Gelang Patah. In his speech, Tun Mahathir criticized Kit Siang who still refuse to retire despite of his constant claim saying that Tun Mahathir is crazy for power.

As a response, Kit Siang challenged the former Premier to contest with him in Gelang Patah.

It seems, DAP being DAP, Kit Siang does not know the meaning of shame even when Tun Mahathir’s sarcastic remark really hit him. Kit Siang also refuse to admit that Tun Mahathir is still influential despite of being retired, compared to him where he still could not prove anything even after being in politics for years. Even then, he still wants to be in politics.

Not just that, Kit Siang is also not ashamed of going around places to contest. Logically, Kit Siang’s actions in not staying at one place is enough to show that he does not have the rights to challenge Tun Mahathir. There is no use for Kit Siang to say about the majority which he receive if he cannot say anything about contributions which he gave to the people who voted for him.

Wherever Kit Siang contest, no changes would happen to the constituency. Even if there is, the change would be a lot worse than it was before where racism gets stronger at his constituency.

Kit Siang claim that Tun Mahathir gets even more powerful after he retired. This might be true. However, the thing which Kit Siang might fail to understand is that Tun Mahathir did not get the ‘power’ for ‘shutting’ anyone through violence, instead, it is because rakyat’s care and respect towards him as well as his love and care towards rakyat and this country. All this caused rakyat to prefer his decisions and opinions. Only those who are not smart would deny opinions from smart and wise leaders.

From this, Tun Mahathir who is accused of being a dictator, do not even have to give any orders or punish anyone else. The proof, Kit Siang himself was free criticizing Tun Mahathir when he was still the Premier. If Kit Siang is right about Tun Mahathir being a dictator, he knew that his actions, criticizing and mocking Tun Mahathir, would have cost him his life.

After practicing politics in his entire life, Kit Siang should have realized that politicians are evaluated through their contributions, not words.

Thus, just look at how small Kit Siang is to be compared to Tun Mahathir. If Tun Mahathir do take up the challenge, where would Kit Siang hide his face? Do know that DAP do not even know how to count votes that are less than 2000, how can they lead the country? Kit Siang himself practices nepotism, how dare he question Tun Mahathir?

Just accept the fact that Tun Mahathir’s contributions cover the world while Kit Siang does not do anything.

So, our advice to DAP and Kit Siang, don’t show that you are that stupid. This is not a joke.

It seems obvious that DAP is low, not just that they do not know how to count, now they are just being plain rude.

Enough with the racism, kiasu, arrogant, corrupt, nepotism and cronyism which are all obvious. Kit Siang should just retire instead of going around looking for power. Learn from Tun Mahathir, he does not have to go around looking for power, because power will come to those who deserve it even if they no longer hold any position.

That is why, our message to Kit Siang, do accept advice from Tun Mahathir, change before you change Malaysia. Learn computer and math before leading Malaysia. Contribute something before challenging anyone to contest with you.



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