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List Of PKR Heroine’s Lies

Siti Aishah Shaik Ismail

PKR’s heroine, Siti Aishah Shaik Ismail who is also candidate for PKR Tambun yesterday reflected her nature of lying in front of about 3,000 audience in a ceramah in Perak.

Please be reminded that only Anwar Ibrahim, Nurul Izzah and PKR senior leaders like to lie, however, it seems like even PKR lower leaders have the same attitude. They are very good at lying that even they sometimes fall for their own lies. It is not easy to lie with a straight face, unless it has been practiced for a very long time and that it has became part of their lives.

Sadly, even though they like to lie, their lies are bad. Just like how stupid Nurul Izzah look like in each of her lies, the same thing goes to Siti Aishah.

Few of the arguments or lies highlighted by Siti Aishah in the ceramah include:

1. Siti Aishah questioned the water supply issue in Sabah for not being enough and that all houses have water barrels to collect rain water.

To answer Aishah’s question, BN do admit that the water issue in Sabah still goes on because the state is too big. Besides that, Sabah is also urged to fully utilize rainfalls which happens quite often in the state which could be enough for their daily usage. What is certain is that BN is not like PR where they would always deny their weaknesses and lie to cover their own mistakes, like what is happening in Selangor.

2. Then, according to Siti Aishah, BR1M is made possible as the government borrows RM2.1 billion from Petronas without having to pay back, provided that it allows Petronas to raise the price of RON95 after election.

What we can say here is, for Siti Aishah to have such big imagination and create this kind of lie is quite amazing. We know that PR has made a lot of promises regarding providing money to rakyat as well as reducing price of goods through taking away money from Petronas. Perhaps because of that, Siti Aishah thought that BN do not have any other idea than sucking money from Petronas to give rakyat money.

However, fact is, BR1M was first introduced by Dato’ Seri Najib only after he made the announcement where the national income has increased as much as RM26 billion from 2010 to 2011, other than foreign and local investments which recorded RM120 billion.

As the country records great economic figures and stable income, BR1M is not just continued, it is even upgraded. Clearly, BN does not provide BR1M by taking money from Petronas or anyone else with any term.

3. Siti Aishah also tried to twist Lahad Datu issue as she described as if the picture of Anwar and Misuari which went viral was just an old picture back in 1997, from an official visit. Thing is, it is the latest picture which was spread thanks to the expose from intelligence.

Weird, Siti Aishah also seem to tried to defend Nur Misuari and tried to picture as if Nur Misuari is not involved in Lahad Datu incident. As if Sultan Sulu is responsible for the whole incident.

Not just that, Siti Aishah also lied by describing that when Sultan Sulu was invited to UMNO 2012 General Assembly, that is the evidence that UMNO is involved in Lahad Datu incident.

For Siti Aishah’s attention, the one who was invited to UMNO General Assembly was not Sultan Sulu, it was MILF’s Chairman, Al-Haj Murad Ebrahim, because Malaysia was involved in helping the peace process between MILF with Philippine government. Don’t Siti Aishah know the difference between MNLF and MILF? It is not impossible that this PKR leader does not know anything because up to this point, Harakah still do not know anything.

4. Siti Aishah also seemed convinced about the existence of sex tapes involving PR leaders, including Nik Aziz, claiming that it is made by UMNO. Siti Aishah, UMNO is not stupid, creating something that is hard to believe. However, it is not impossible if Siti Aishah is aware of the existence of these sex tapes, considering that the one who was caught spreading PAS’ Secretary General, Mustafa Ali’s sex tape was not from UMNO, instead, it was people from PKR.

Perhaps Siti Aishah is part of the vehicle ‘producing’ those sex tapes?

5. We are also surprised when Siti Aishah claimed that Tok Guru Nik Aziz has a huge savings. And that he would always have RM5,000 kept under his kain pelikat.

It seems, it is such a waste for PAS for promoting Nik Aziz as a pious, ascetic and a modest man, because out of the sudden, Siti Aishah described Nik Aziz as luxurious. Our question, how did Nik Aziz get so much money? From the sky? How much is the Kelantan Chief Minister getting paid that he brings thousands of Ringgit under his kain pelikat daily? And for what?

6. Finally, Siti Aishah tried to use the name of Allah to raise audiences’ attention. She said, 18 weeks ago, Nik Aziz received a sign as he performed solat hajat that UMNO will go down and he whispered the matter to Anwar Ibrahim. Since Siti Aishah used Allah’s name in this matter, let her justify this with Allah.

However, from what we see, Nik Aziz’s solat hajat, wanting Tun Mahathir’s guts to blow off, wanting UMNO to tumble down, wanting all voters to vote for PAS, which he has been praying for years, still get to be answered. Up until now, UMNO, Tun Mahathir or Dato’ Seri Najib are still yet to go down, the only one who fell down was Nik Aziz, that he could not even walk and had to be supported by others.

That is few of the things which the PKR heroine lied in a ceramah which may be short, but packed with lies.

As voters, we should ask ourselves, is this the face of our future leader? A person who only lies with irrelevant arguments just because she did not do her ‘homework’? A leader who believe that Nik Aziz could make predictions by getting signs from the stars?




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