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anwar vs hadiWith the conclusion of DAP convention, it is certain, in fact it can be considered that the party and PAS will battle it out on who would be the PRIME MINISTER if the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) wins the upcoming general election.

Karpal Singh, DAP’s chairman had outrightly, openly and stressed that PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim would be PM.

However, PAS secretary-general Mustapa Ali, who attended the convention (wonder why PAS president Abdul Hadi Wang and spiritual chief Nik Aziz Nik Mat did not attend) said who would be PM would be discussed after the general election.

His reason was that the election had yet to be held and no one knows who would win or lose.

Thus, the ‘verbal war’ began again and this time, it would not be just a ‘war’ between leaders but this ‘war’ is going down to the grassroots.

PAS grassroots, who are fundamentalists, have been fighting and struggling to have a place in Malaysia’s political landscape and their support have been on the ups and downs, Malaysians still see them as very, very fundamentalism.

However, at present, Malaysians see PAS as somewhat moderate but adamant to imposed Islamic laws that would see the true fundamentalism out like what is happening in Kelantan right now.

Hudud laws meant only for Muslims are imposed on non-Muslims which has now become the ‘thorn in the flesh’ for DAP as the Chinese supporters called on the party to defend them while PAS does not listen and does not care less.

Mustapa’s reply was logical of course and rational too, but the reality is PAS does not want Anwar or any other person. The party has decided Abdul Hadi should and would be PM regardless of DAP or PKR agreement or not.

It is very simple as far as PAS is concern and of course, Karpal and DAP are just being hypocrite about the whole matter.

PAS knows the true Anwar and PAS is not for him to be a leader as Islam does not allow such a person who has doubts on his credibility and integrity to become leader.

DAP believes the same thing but for this time and purpose, thinking the tsunami wind is still blowing, DAP threw away its principles just to win at federal level, a dream the party has been living with the past 50 years.

PAS is following Islam in choosing a leader – a person whose image is unquestionable – no way that Anwar is their pick.

Of course, this criteria differs when come to a person of their ‘clan’ or the party leader. PAS, as usual will have all the verses and whatever from the Holy Quran or hadiths (sayings of the Prophet) to back their stand.

So DAP and PAS will have a ‘war’ from now until the general election and this ‘war’ is about personality – about Anwar Ibrahim – a man who wants to be PM regardless what happens and at what cost.

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