#Lynas: 20,000 Vs 28 Million Rakyat

On July 14, an NGO that goes by the name of Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas (SMSL) had raised a vote in 19 cities around Malaysia to get support in their effort to stop the operation of Lynas plant in Kuantan.

All 28 locations in Malaysia were scheduled to join the program but they only run the vote in 19 areas while other places were used to hold activities such as raising signatures, pickets and flash mobs.

The voting which began at 5pm and closed by 9pm raised 20,194 support of which those who objected on Lynas while only 6 supported the operation.

Based on the calculation, SMSL in their official website in a way announced that majority Malaysians do not want Lynas to operate!

The question is, how can SMSL justify 20,194 as the majority when the number of Malaysians overall are 28 million. As for the distribution, from all 19 cities which they raise the votes, with only around 20,000 votes, it means that not more than 1,000 people object Lynas in each of the 19 cities.

Thus, how can they justify that 1,000 is the majority voice of each cities? How many people are there in each of the cities?

The fact is, 20,000 from 29 million is such a humiliating number for SMSL. What’s worse is that the votes also show majority of the votes come from Chinese community, that do not reflect voice of Malaysian as a whole.

Moreover, how can they guarantee that their votes are fair>How can we be certain that none of SMSL members cast their votes?

Do they use indelible ink? Biometric system? What procedure? Who observes SMSL votes> Why do they do it in small areas and the organizers put on BERSIH shirt?

And can we trust SMSL when they mixed their survey with the issue of Teoh Beng Hock’s death, where his pictures were decorated over banners and voting boxes during the whole program. When the fact is, his death did not die because of Lynas’s radioactive waste but he could be the key to reveal DAP’s corruption scandal in Selangor.

So, how can we trust an organization who politicize the death of their own people just to cover the corruption scandal which involves the political party which they support?

All of these showed that SMSL practices double standard, unfair, no integrity, morally wrong, hence, they do not have the rights to question anything especially about Lynas.

The conclusion, it is now proven that only 20,000 objected on Lynas compared to the whole 28 million Malaysians. With that, it is official that SMSL had lost the whole game. And if it is true that SMSL really fight for Malaysia, they should accept this democratic decision. Like people said, if you lose, just accept it, do not go around making noises and harassing people.