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BERITANASIONALLynas: Cunning Scandal Is Beginning To Fail #FitnahPR

Lynas: Cunning Scandal Is Beginning To Fail #FitnahPR

In Malaysia today, the public knows that anything that has to do with the oppositions, they would be lies.

Lynas, is one of the most embarrassing lies that they have ever made. This is because numbers and scientific facts cannot be cheated. Facts and figures have proven that the Lynas plant is safe and they are not made up like how Raja Petra Kamaruddin made up stories on the involvement of the Prime Minister on the murder of Altantuya. it is also not like the story where Anwar Ibrahim would become the next PM.

Facts and figures presented by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and AELB regarding Lynas are not are not made up.

Thus, it would be better for Fuziah Salleh, Tian Chua, Tan Bun Teet (Chairman of Save Malaysia Stop Lynas) to stop howling and accept the fact that Lynas is safe. They should be embarrassed of themselves for lying. They should because even one of their allies, Che’ Rosli Che Mat, PAS’s MP for Hulu Langat who is also a scientist, said that Lynas is safe.

Fuziah, Tian Chua and Bun Tee were previously all around the place trying to spread their lies that the government is trying to cover up all of the bad things about Lynas. They somehow put aside and ignored all of the researches that had been done by multiple radioactive and nuclear experts. Instead, they held on to opinions given by political experts and ‘hippies’ where few of them were imported from Singapore to strenghten their argument saying that Lynas is very hazardous.

The government however, still gave them space to raise this issue to ensure that any decision that is made should be the best for the country. For that, the government had appointed a parliamentary select committee to study on the matter that was raised by the anti-Lynas group.

However, the opposition never really seemed to be able to come up with any concrete fact or figures in their arguments. Instead, they only argued emotionally.

Thus, the panel finally decided that “The committee is aware that through research, the average radiation dose at the LAMP project is at 2 mSv annually for the staff (the amount of dose allowed is 20 mSv annually) and 0.002 mSv annually for the public (the amount of dose allowed is 1mSv annually) and this shows that the amount for LAMP project us low and safe.

And,” The committee is happy to say that the LAMP project has fulfilled all of the standard and regulations in Malaysia…The laws and regulations given to LAMP project in Malaysia is actually even tighter to be compared to the international standard. The Committee suggests that Class A license Temporary Operating Licence – TOL should be issued… (and) a monitoring committee should be formed to constantly monitor the LAMP operation.

If Fuziah and her gang could provide arguments with facts, then the decision from the panels might have been different.

The opposition’s behavior in loving to cheat and lies did not just gave a bit of a loss for Lynas, but also to the country and rakyat who could have the opportunity to work there.

According to Lynas, the delays in getting their license for their plant, which was at first issued in January, might give them some ‘serious effects’ for the RM80 billion tender for rare earth which they have received for the next 10 years”. This means that the country would be at loss for 10 years because what Lynas gets, it also counts as the country’s income.

It seems that the issue that had caused harm to rakyat, country and the nature is not Lynas, but Fuziah Salleh and her gang. It had proven that their bad month could tarnish rakyat and the country.

We believe that majority of rakyat in Malaysia could differentiate between facts and figures and empty talks. The opposition’s actions in keeping on playing with the issue of Lynas is only showing that they are getting more and more desperate and that they are running out of issues, with the election coming closer.

The opposition seemed to have fail to realize that the more they object on Lynas, the more rakyat would push them away.



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