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BERITANASIONALLynas: Fuziah's Failure Raise Anwar's Anger

Lynas: Fuziah’s Failure Raise Anwar’s Anger

It is not too much for me to say if Pakatan Rakyat is running out of issues in facing the coming 13th GE. Every single issue such as hudud is being recycled and it seems to be eating themselves. Even issues that were created by themselves such as claims that were made against Dato’ Seri Najib and Datin Seri Rosmah did not bring any result. By the end of the day, every one of their bad agendas were revealed. Few of them include cases such as the ring which was said to cost millions of Ringgit, the murder of Altantuya, corruption in the purchase of Scorpene and the background of Suaram.

Now, what PR would need to do to remain standing while waiting for GE is to keep on denying every mistake which they had made and keep on playing the issue as if it is still relevant and unsettled.

And that is what PR is doing for the issue of Lynas refinery plant which is led by Fuziah Salleh, PKR Kuantan’s MP. Fuziah is still voicing out her objections towards Lynas, even though the plant has been proven by various experts and international organizations that it is harmless towards human, animals and the environment.

Fuziah also decided to reject every single scientific reports and argued with empty talks.

When the fact is, when it comes to debating about the issue of radioactive materials, chemicals and nuclear, things cannot be explained through opinions, instincts and emotions. This is because, scientific issues can only be justified through detailed observation, and if needed, no manipulations.

It was understood that Fuziah was ordered to recycle the issue of Lynas to make sure that the plant would never operate no matter what. Anwar Ibrahim himself told Fuziah to ‘cover’ for PR so that Lynas could still become one of the big issues until GE comes.

If not, Anwar is worried that rakyat would begin to open their eyes and find out that PR intentionally politicized Lynas to tarnish the government’s image when evidence clearly showed that the plant is harmless.

That is why even though pro-PR media, Free-Malaysia-Today (FMT) had to admit defeat and apologized to Lynas for writing stories describing how hazardous the plant is, PR would still make the claim. They are hoping that rakyat would forget about the apology made by FMT and that rakyat would believe that their objections towards Lynas is still solid.

When Lynas gained the license to operate temporarily, Anwar was said to be angry with Fuziah for her failure. So, Fuziah was forced to continue her appeal in court to put a stop to Lynas’s operations.

Considering that since the beginning of their objections, the Anti-Lynas group could not debate with facts and figures to convince the court that Lynas is dangerous, it is not surprising that they lost their case again.

Fuziah, PKR and Anwar knew that they do not have any credibility and base to keep on fighting against Lynas, but what can they do,they would still have to ply the same issue to ensure that rakyat would see that their party is still relevant.

Internal source told that Anwar had scolded Fuziah for failing to do her task. And Fuziah is working hard to restore her image in the eyes of Anwar and she wants to prove to Anwar that she is not a loser.

That is why, just like how BERSIH kept on going on even though almost all of their demands were followed by the government, Fuziah too would keep on fighting. For that, she would have to keep on acting stupid as if she does not understand the phrase which state that ‘Lynas plant is not hazardous’.

And in a way, it is true when Anwar said that Fuziah is a loser. This is because only a loser would keep on acting stupid just to fulfill a stupid objective in stopping something which could provide benefit to the people and the country.



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