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#Lynas Hunger Strike: Proof That PR Is Falling Apart

LYNAS-NewThe anti-Lynas group, Himpunan Hijau is on schedule with their plan to organize a hunger strike at Dataran Merdeka for 100 hours beginning at 8pm on December 27 and it is expected to be finished by 12pm, January 1, 2013. Report at 8pm yesterday found that there was less than 20 people at the scene.

Before that, we need to understand they would still drink during the whole strike because they are not willing to die for this ‘fight’.

The highlight for this event would be on December 31 where 10,000 cars and motorcycles are expected to join them. The protest is suggested that it would begin at PAS’s Markas Tarbiyah at Taman Melewar Gombak, then in Markas PAS Chegar Mendang in Bentong before they head to Gebeng. PR Leaders are also expected to be there to give their ceramah during the whole protest.

According to the report today, December 28, the attendance of supporters in Dataran Merdeka is only around 60 people. Most of them are DAP’s Chinese kids who can’t really understand both Bahasa Melayu or English, the language which is used on the research report made by international atomic and nuclear authorities, or they are simply too stupid to understand science facts.

Besides that, those who are in Dataran Merdeka also include the Malay kid who refuse to pay off his debt, Adam Adli and two of DAP’s slaves from Unit Amal PAS.

If we are to count the media, the real number of those who attended might just be around 30 people.

Even though the number is expected to increase from time to time, this is still a bad kickstart for a program which is supported, or to be more precise, led by the opposition which is famous for their hobby in organizing demonstrations.

Malaysia rarely see any hunger strike before, especially that this one is being done by youth, some even as young as 14 years old, according to the organizer. That is why, we should expect a huge turn up for this event.

However, just like what is said above, this protest suffered a bad kickstart. Especially looking at the fact that Lynas has been proven to be safe and it would not cause harm to other human nor the environment.

Fact is, other than those who gave their statement to the court and gain information regarding Lynas, others do not really know what they are protesting about.

They seem to be struggling when it comes to answering questions about Lynas or radioactive matters. It is just as same as how the court rejected their leaders’ statements because it does not contain any factual points.

That is why we think that this hunger strike as a very stupid move.

It is clear that they are being used by the opposition who are desperate to find issues that they turn Lynas into a political issue. They are also being used by foreign organizations who want to bring down the government as well as Lynas itself (business competition).

In another angle, fact that Lynas has the potential to really be a business competition led by Malay professionals, should not be put aside. That is why, the number of Himpunan Hijau supporters show almost 100% Chinese, should be taken into consideration to prove that there is something wrong with the real agenda in their rejection towards Lynas.

Whatever it is, the bad kickstart for this event is a clear sign for Pakatan Rakyat to see that rakyat sees the work of trying to tarnish the government’s image is just a stupid thing to do, led by stupid leaders.

This is because, smart leaders would not ‘torture’ rakyat by ordering them to walk at such long distance, getting into a hunger strike which could let them to risks such as injury, or even getting arrested which could deter their future, all so that they could won election. Smart leaders would always take care of their constituencies to ensure that rakyat would keep on voting for them.

It seems that as Himpunan Hijau works hard to destroy Lynas, Pakatan Rakyat has somehow crumbled first.

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