MACC Please Investigate Faekah Husin’s Family #PecatFaekah

Faekah Husin

Clashes within Selangor PKR is yet to be over, not another issue arises involving Selangor CM’s Political Secretary, Faekah Husin who is said to have influenced the result in the appointment for the panel of attorney by Permodalan Negeri Selangor Berhad (PNSB).

Based on the story revealed on Sel13.Com, Faekah was reported to have used the letterhead of the Selangor Chief Minister’s Office to support the application made by her niece to own shares in a legal firm Sidrek Zeenat Asyiqin & Associates.

From research made by the portal, they found that Zeenat Asyiqin Binti Dato’ Ahmad Zaki who is a partner of the legal firm is the daughter of Faekah’s brother, Dato’ Ahmad Zaki Bin Husin.

For the record, Dato’ Ahmad Zaki Bin Husin is the former Anti-Corruption Body’s (BPR) Chief Director from March 24, 1999 to March 23, 2001. Now he is the Judicial Commissioner at Shah Alam High Court.

The portal also attached two written evidence to support their story where they attached two letters that were delivered by hand which was received by Faekah followed by a support letter from Faekah to PNSB.

In July 2010, Selangor CM, Khalid Ibrahim did come out with an order prohibiting people from the state government from coming up with support letters for any tenders or jobs.

Thus, we cannot help but to ask whether for Faekah, is she excused from the policy and the order?

Is Khalid Ibrahim pretending to be blind to allow such abuse on his office’s letterhead just so that he could help the family of his Political Secretary?

Whatever it is, authorities, especially MACC should focus in this issue. Investigation should be done on Faekah and her family for the sake of public.

The value of the contract is not really the main issue because this is about power abuse, especially when it is used for the interest of cronies and their own family members.