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Semporna-21RAMD-Briged8-Bantuan1The assault begins and this time, it is no longer hit and run or hit and stop…it is an attack to purge the Sulu group out of the hole…not just to scare them to get out or surrender.

Malaysia has been soft and diplomatic to allow the intruders, considered as terrorists, to lay down their arms and walk out of hiding peacefully so that there is no bloodshed.

But Malaysia’s ‘olive branch’ offered to settle the stand-off had been rejected outright and the Sulu group instead responded with bullets, killing our eight policemen who were there fulfilling their responsibilities.

Today, our government initiated action that will see no mercy and no withdrawal…the decision is final and what outcome will be accepted…it’s a responsibility of a leader, a leader who had been patient and rational and considerate.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said the government had to take appropriate action in the defence of the nation’s dignity and sovereignty as demanded by Malaysians after measures to avert bloodshed failed.

“Our security forces were attacked and killed. Malaysians, particularly those in Sabah, are worried about their safety,” he said in a statement to the media.

Najib said the armed intruders from the southern Philippines who claimed to be from the so-called Sulu army fired at policemen on duty in Lahad Datu last Friday, killing two of them, and then killed six more policemen in Semporna on the following day.

“After the first attack, I stressed that the intruders must surrender themselves or the security authorities will have to act,” he said.

Najib said that following the armed intrusion in Lahad Datu on Feb 12, the government adopted the approach of resolving the issue without bloodshed.

“The police held meetings and negotiations in the hope that the intruders would agree to leave peacefully without the need to take any serious legal action,” he said.

Najib said that Malaysia, as a peace-loving Islamic nation, wanted to resolve the issue through negotiation but the attempt to avert bloodshed in Lahad Datu failed.

“As the issue of the intrusion prolonged, it was evident to the authorities that the intruders had no intention of withdrawing from Sabah,” he said.

Najib has said it right and has read the situation right – the intruders have no intention of leaving Sabah and alive for that matter and as such, they have to be purged and put behind bars.

But whatever actions taken against the intruders, the government has to find the truth behind the incident – find out who are behind these intruders and what were the offers made by those behind.

As Najib had stated clearly, and he would now unleash the country’s intelligence to dig up everything behind the incident – locally as well as in Philippines – so that the truth will emerge.

The intruders would not have come and very adamant and determined to stay put to the extent of daring enough to kill…this is no light matter because they would not risk their lives if the offer or offers was or were not very attractive.

This is just logic and reports in various media in the Philippines, those believed and trusted by the opposition leaders in Malaysia quoted Philippines intelligence sources as one of the three groups suspected to instigate the landing was a known opposition leader in Malaysia.

Now we Malaysians just wait for the investigations while pray and hope there will be no more lives taken away and the Lahad Datu stand off ends fast.



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