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BERITAENGLISH‘Malaysia Spring’: Anwar's Threat To Kill Democracy

‘Malaysia Spring’: Anwar’s Threat To Kill Democracy

anwar-bersilatFormer Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad was reported to have reminded us over Anwar Ibrahim’s threat to an uprising just like countries in the Middle East or ‘Arab Spring’ as part of his effort to bring down Barisan Nasional government. Obviously, such reminder should not be taken lightly.

Especially when we are aware that uprising is just a regular thing for Anwar, it is even part of his hobbies since he was in university back in 1974. When he was dismissed from the government, Anwar did not wait long before he went back to his old hobby by causing havoc, going against the government which he once worked with.

Unti now, the hobby has never stopped. Looking at how the Arab world crumbles, he then inspired his supporters with the story of Tahrir Square, a bloody history on Egyptian’s uprising against their government. He also mention other uprising and revolutions which happens in Syria, Libya, Tunisia and others which should be taken as a ‘good example’ for Malaysia, according to Anwar Ibrahim.

Thus, on February 14, 2012, during Anwar’s interview with Inter Press Service, confirms Tun Mahathir’s reminder where Anwar kept on stressing that there is a need for Malaysia to have an uprising just like the Arab Spring.

Few of his statements include “Malaysia cannot be isolated from what is happening throughout the world, particularly the Muslim world,” and “our (PR) policies are clear for Malaysia to mature as a democracy. What the Arab Spring people are talking about and the Occupy Wall Street movement is talking about in terms of justice and being opposed to unbridled capitalism that caters only to the very rich and the very few are what we have been articulating.”

He also said,”…to respect democratic institutions, respect the right to dissent and the right to freedom. The Arab Spring has been particularly useful for us in the Muslim world in this regard. It has had an impact about the meaning of democracy.”

So, it is not surprising why each time the opposition organize demonstrations, no matter which cover they use, such as BERSIH, Himpunan Demokrasi, Reformasi, Kumpulan Hijau etc., chants of bringing down the government would always be there. Some opposition leaders even recorded expressing directly or indirectly, their effort to trigger ‘Tahrir Square’ in Malaysia.

We need to remember that Tahrir Square tragedy can happen in Malaysia if Anwar’s hobby is assisted with PAS’s idiocy and DAP’s hatred against Muslim Malay government. With the help of foreign fund, they do not have any limit to hire rebels and traitors.

It is important for Malaysians to really understand what Arab Spring’ or ‘Tahrir Square’ or ‘Occupy Wall Street’ really is. This is not the time for us to simply hear it from our friends or politicians or even the media.

If we really want to have a mature democracy, we, Malaysians, should be mature first. We cannot see ourselves as mature people if we do not study the things which we support.

The fact is, post Arab Spring countries has gotten worse than it was before. Egyptians decided to bring down Hosni Mubarak who is seen as a corrupt leader, ended up with Morsi Mohamed which is even worse as anyone who goes against him, will be arrested.

Bringing down the government through uprising would mean destroying our own country. This means, our economy would go down as banks, shops and schools are destroyed thanks to all the riot. This is because, because of all the riot, even rakyat would feel the heavy impact. But as administration goes down, rakyat would suffer even more.

Getting a new government would need swift recovery for the whole country. Offices, factories, banks and schools need to be repaired, but they would need a huge fund. However, no fund will be available by then as there are no investors, even stock market would crumble.

So, those who are jobless will hate the government for not giving them any jobs.

A year after their uprising, business owners in Egypt claim that they suffer up to 40% loss compared to before the uprising era. Even tourism dropped 75%. Egypt then had no other choice but to take foreign loans which the previous government never took.

Only now, Egyptians realize what they did and wished they had never triggered any uprising.

What is certain, all of the countries in Arab Spring are now in a dark era, and if this is what Anwar uses to motivate his supporters, then let’s hope that they would not do the same thing to our government.

If Anwar wants to become the next Prime Minister, he needs to go through the real democracy, through elections. No Malaysians deserve to lose their jobs or risk their lives just so that Anwar would achieve his dream.



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