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Malaysiakini Is Adamant On Politicizing MH370


Almost half of the countries in the world are now looking for MH370.  All relevant assets have been mobilized into the region to help find the missing aircraft.  Since day one, Malaysian government has been doing everything it can and has been quick in accepting all help offered by all parties that led to questions being raised about the access given to so many countries into our territory.

Even after putting MH370 first before our national security, the government is still being mercilessly criticized by the Oppositions for not doing enough or doing it wrongly. Speculations and slanders are spread around the media without second thought of the consequences.

Suddenly, it was Lahad Datu all over again whereby not a minute was wasted by the Oppositions to attack the government.  It was almost like they have been anticipating it and then ‘celebrating’ it.  And when the Philippines intelligence exposed the opposition’s link to the Sulu terrorists, the people only knew too well to not take it as a surprise.

As disturbing as it may sound, we cannot deny that that MH370 is looking more and more like Lahad Datu.

Every country that is participating in the search and rescue mission of MH370 has made it a point to acknowledge and praise the Malaysian government for the professionalism and dedication in finding the missing aircraft.  However, the praise and acknowledgment are being shrugged-off by our very own Oppositions.

The latest development on the Captain’s political stance and the fact that he is an Anwar’s fanatic, must have hit the Oppositions hard.  Therefore, they must come out with all sorts of theories fast, in order to cover-up the obvious.   And Malaysiakini’s latest slander served just that.

Malaysiakini, a pro-Opposition portal, famous for false reporting, came out with a story that the government had rejected Interpol’s help on many occasions pertaining to the missing flight.

It looks like ‘lying’ comes very naturally for this portal that they don’t even care about the damage that they could have done to the country’s image.  Unknown to them, they only have the Opposition supporters to lie to, because the world knows how sincere and how concern is the government for the fate of MH370.

The world knows that the Malaysian government is not working on this alone but has been working as a team with 15 other countries.  MH370 seems to be a priority, not just to Malaysia, but the world.  Should Malaysia be blamed for anything, then, all those countries should share as much of the blame too.

Malaysiakini’s lack of patriotism and ‘couldn’t-care-less’ attitude about Malaysia’s image, make perfect sense, as the portal is known to have been operating on foreign fund.  It seems clear to us that Malaysiakini is not just a news portal, but a portal with an agenda.

And whatever the agenda is, it doesn’t have anything to do with the wellbeing of Malaysians, or the safety of the passengers and crews of MH370.

Ever since the flight went missing, Malaysiakini and the Oppositions have been working hand in hand in politicizing the situation.  We can see it for ourselves just by browsing through the portal’s comments section.  The majority of the readers would offer merely one line of condolences to the victims before having a time of their life bashing the government in the rest of the paragraphs.

If Malaysiakini’s objective is to divide the Malaysians, instill hatred and create insensitive, unpatriotic Malaysians, we must admit that they have truly succeeded.

It is the media like Malaysiakini that gave birth to fanatics and haters.

As much as we hate to think so, with Malaysiakini being the main source of information, we will not be surprised if Captain Zaharie did what the foreign media said he did.

As sad as it already is, in the spirit of freedom of press, after so many lies and irresponsible reporting, Malaysiakini will always be free to continue operation in this free country.

Even with all the freedom, I bet, that this evil portal will keep on barking ‘No Freedom of Press!’.

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