Malaysian Lawyers Are Cowards?

For countless of times, the bar Council has shown who they really are, an organization that is actually part of the opposition.

This situation can be seen in a few incident and they include BERSIH, Kumpulan Hijau and other groups that hold names of NGO groups. It is not impossible, because if we are to study the situation. all of the members have the same modus operandi where they would often try to create chaos through demonstrations or provocations.

This is what happened to BERSIH 3.0 where BERSIH demonstrated while the Bar Council provoked.

As lawyers, their members are really smart in twisting facts. And that is what they have been doing all these while to get to their objective which is to revolutionize Malaysia the way they want. This can be seen through the fight on rights of LGBT and the rights to convert out of Islam, which they see as human rights and justice for all people.

However, to get to the objective here in Malaysia, Islam, Malay and Kings are the the ones who barricades them and all of that need to be destroyed, either through election, which is a little impossible, or through streets, or anything.

So it is not surprising that the Bar Council became a part of the opposition because the opposition, DAP and PKR, hold the same objective. PAS however, do not understand anything and they simply follow everything that they are told just so that they could get to Putrajaya.

When BERSIH 3.0 failed, the Bar Council defended their allies to ensure that all of their objectives would be fulfilled. With that, they decided to remain ignorant about the fact that BERSIH 3.0 actually had broken the law since the beginning when they did not follow their promise which is to just form a sit-in.

BERSIH 3.0 also broke the law when they ignored the police when they were told to leave.

And the most important thing is that BERSIH 3.0 had broken the court order which said that Dataran Merdeka cannot be used for their event.

The law and the court should be seen as something that is sovereign for lawyers. Even in trials. if prosecutors gain evidence in an illegal manner, even though the evidence clearly showed that the offender is really guilty, the judge would let go of the offender. That is how high the law and the court is for lawyers that is overpower justice.

But, in the issue of BERSIH 3.0, the Bar Council argued with matters that does not follow the law. Instead, their arguments were based on emotions and political sentiments.

This was proven when the Bar Council seemed a little scared when they manipulated the report from 78 of their observers who were at BERSIH 3.0 from six angles.

This matter was revealed by a lawyer, Ranjit Singh Dhillon through a video in YouTube where he questioned the statement of the Chairman of the Bar Council, Lim Chee Wee that seemed contradictory and when he tried to hide the real thing that happened at BERSIH 3.0. According to the report, the rioters began to caduse chaos even before the police responded.

Ranjit said,”Law is technical jargon. We owe a duty to the public. Paint the full picture, let them judge.”

We are lucky because there are still lawyers that are as professional as Ranjit in this country. If not, how can a country function well when its lawyers are busy defending those who are guilty without caring about the truth, justice, the law or event court order.

We cannot tell whether the Bar Council still have any dignity to feel ashamed of their biasness that has been revealed. We hope that they could learn from this where human rights still has its own limits. Thus, no matter who or what position one has, the law is still the law.

Isn’t this the most basic thing about law?