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Manifesto: Withdraw Hudud, PAS’ Fight Is Useless

manifesto pr simbol salibPR ‘Pakatan, The People’s Hope’ Manifesto was officially launched on Fenruary 25 in conjunction of Pakatan Rakyat’s fourth convention which was held in Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC).

The manifesto was made based on four sections, the people’s economy, people’ welfare, government for the people and fulfilling people’s aspirations.

One interesting bit about this, the contents of the manifesto did not even touch on PR’s commitment to fight on the implementation of hudud if they manage to take over the Central Government. From page one to the end, not even a single sentence mention anything about implementing hudud.

This shows that PR do not even want to implement it even though everyone knows that implementation of hudud is synonym with PAS for the past three decades.

This surprised many political watchdogs because this means that PAS’ fight seems to have been taken out just like that, making the party useless.

PAS do not seem to have any influence to push its agenda to become a priority in PR Manifesto, making PAS’ fight for hudud look worthless as it is considered as something that does not provide any benefit to PR.

From there, most PAS members and supporters only stood in silence because this is another same story of PAS’ first failure where they withdrew the fight for islamic state to be replaced with Welfare State.

In a way, dropping hudud from the manifesto can be considered as a huge success for Anwar Ibrahim because the PKR General Leader did promise a group of pro-DAP and PKR Chinese leaders in Subang Jaya, Selangor, that hudud will never be part of PR.

And Anwar clearly managed to fulfil his promise, confirming the fact that PAS is worthless in PR and they only follow orders from DAP and PKR



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