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Now it is in the open…the relationship between the three parties in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is not as good as it is made to be and believe. Except for the top leadership of the parties that project the ‘so-called closeness’, the undercurrent is far from what is shown in public.

Penang deputy Chief Minister Mansor Othman’s comments about his boss Lim Guan Eng that was leaked in the minutes of his meeting showed a clear ‘antagonistic’ attitude towards Guan Eng.

Not just the words ‘arrogant and to’kong’, more so the internal bickering on their working relationship was revealed indirectly – they just cannot work together on seat allocations what more to rule on consensus as the leadership have projected.

Guan Eng’s antics are no longer a secret, dictatorial with a slant in racism – Malays and Indians do not seem to exist in his administration of the state.

Mansor and other Malay leaders in state PKR as well as PAS should by now decide whether to continue playing second fiddles on tools to dominant DAP or leave the party and join Barisan Nasional (BN).

There is still time for them to reflect on their past and chart a new path for the future – that is if all of them think the Malays and Indians in the state should be treated equally economically and politically.

There is nothing wrong in admitting one’s mistakes and return to the right path because every human make mistakes and returning to the right path is considered as brave and honest.

Right now, Mansor and other Malay leaders including PAS leaders in the state are mere followers to a seemingly dictatorial administration where they cannot even open ntheir mouths to proetc or promote the Malays or the Indian voters.

It is no wonder that Guan Eng is so powerful and the Chinese voters in Penang love him as whatever he said is taken as orders – no two ways about it.

Mansor and PAS leaders in the state cannot depend on de factor Chief Anwar Ibrahim to defend them because that man is busy planning his own future to be the Prime Minister, no matter what it takes – even selling his loyal friends like Mansor and PAS leaders in the state.

Anwar just wanted the support for him to be number one in the country and he could not care less about the rest.

Given such situation, Mansor and the Malay leaders in PKR and PAS leaders in the state should think for themselves and the future of their struggle for the Malays and Islam.

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