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Timbalan Ketua Menteri 1, Mansor Othman ditemani ‘Tokongnya’, Lim Guan Eng pada sidang akhbar bagi membersihkan nama bosnya itu di Komtar, Jumaat lalu. [/caption]

Its time for Penang Depty Chief Minister 1 Mansor Othman to review his position in the state government and the party PKR which he thinks, otherwise he would have left it long ago, is right behind him 100 percent on his issue with boss Lim Guan Eng.

Mansor has, in his mind right now, think that big brother Anwar Ibrahim would stand by his side against Guan Eng and his PKR members in Penang would do the same.

However, since the case began some two months ago, Mansor seems to be alone – Anwar never said a word and his PKR members are as quiet as the mice being watched by big cats.

But until today, at a time when he is put in a corner and thinking how to get out of the situation, no one from PKR and also Anwar have come out to defend him

The Malays in PKR and he himself knew it was one of the Chinese members who attended the meeting that had leaked the video recording of the episode and this has been proven through logic, while investigation is current being conducted.

While this is going on, Mansor knows that Guan Eng no longer trust him, no longer feel comfortable to talk to him, no longer want to confide confidential party matters with him.

Mansor knows that in Guan Eng’s eyes, he is no more higher than another Malay, just a normal party member who would say something infront and another thing at the back.

Probably Guan Eng may likened him like Anwar, no one knows but one thing for sure, DAP no longer trust Mansor, as reflected in Karpal Singh’s demand for Mansor to come out clean – in other words…tell the truth.

Mansor is now under pressure and nobody from PKR will help him…not even his big brother Anwar…he has to fight on his own stead, on his own battle and his own survival.

Of course right now he thinks he is surviving but in reality he is merely existing without the dignity of a leader, existing in name as Deputy Chief Minister but not trusted by his boss Guan Eng, not trusted by his own PKR members particularly the Chinese and considered coward by his own PKR mebers who are Malays.

His position is no more than just a figure head without any dignity and credibility.

So it is best that he review his position in PKR and in the state government. He should think of his self dignity as a person, an intellect and as a politician.

He should now talk to his former PKR friends like Zahrain and seek the latter’s advise…he has nothing to lose by doing so because if he stays, he has so much to lose including his dignity.



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