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It is no secret now that in Penang, PKR plays second fiddle to DAP, so is PAS and as such, both PKR and PAS cannot go shouting they are on equal footing with DAP or they are equal partners in the political equation in Penang.

The press conference last week conducted by Deputy Chief Minister 1 Mansor Othman, in the presence of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, reflected or visibly showed Mansor’s subservience to Guan Eng.

Mansor was put in a corner to answer or explain his own action and words written in a minutes of a official or unofficial meeting that rundown Guan Eng.

Guan Eng’s presence in the press conference was to show that he is ‘the boss’ and no one should run him down in anyway or else he would put the person in shame, just like what he did to Mansor.

Mansor has to call for a press conference, in the presence of Guan Eng and explain or deny those words he had spoken that rundown Guan Eng, an act a leader would not wish to do because this would shame him.

People would perceive he is scared of his boss and that he would not be trusted by his own men when he begins to deny or slithe around the words to protect himself from being taken action against.

He would be seen as cowed by Guan Eng, fear of Guan Eng’s wrath and the press conference itself had truly tear Mansor’s dignity to pieces as he wrangled his way to escape Guan Eng’s wrath.

Given the fact that Mansor had been shamed during the press conference and his dignity as a leader in PKR have been torn to pieces, it is better for him to just get out of the party and clears himself.

People with pride would not subject himself to be ‘morally abused’ so much so Mansor has lost respect from his own party members – behind Guan Eng he is hero but in front he is just a mouse – such is the perception of party members and the public towards him now.

Mansor has lost his credibility and dignity…he is just a pawn in the political game of big names in PKR and DAP – and by staying on he only makes himself a fool.

PKR de factor chief Anwar Ibrahim did not come to his aid and the way things go, Anwar would not stand by his side and may not even proposed his name as candidate in the coming general election.

Mansor’s action in the meeting which minutes was leaked revealed the biggest problem in Pakatan Rakyat – the division between racial lines – that see DAP dominance and low-class PKR alliance.

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