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BERITAMarina Chin Abdullah Is Culprit Of Ambang Merdeka

Marina Chin Abdullah Is Culprit Of Ambang Merdeka

Unsatisfied with the fact that BERSIH 3.0 failed, Pakatan Rakyat once again wants to form another rally on the eve of Merdeka.

This next rally is known as ‘Janji Demokrasi’ is said to be organized by 47 NGOs who described themselves as the Janji Coalition. However, rakyat is well aware that the main organization behind them is Pakatan Rakyat.

Their main goal is none other than trying to create chaos and to stop rakyat from celebrating the Independence. Besides that, it is also held to the Independence theme which scares PR, ’55 Tahun Janji DiTepati’.

It seems that the organizing committee is no longer led by Ambiga, who admitted defeat as she suffers trouble of even getting in or out from her own house as business owners rallied in front of her gate due to their loss during BERSIH 3.0.

But, this time, the rally will be led by Marina Chin Abdullah and Hishamudin Rais.

They are saying that Janji Demokrasi is just like any other Independence day celebration, but the only difference is that they would be in yellow to show their support to push the government to promise towards a democratic governance with the principals of the Constitution, law and supporting the rights to free speech, abolishing bad Acts and freedom of media and fair election.

The question here is, why should we believe people like Hishamudin Rais and Marina Chin who are the tools for PR when PR is always known as a coalition that never fulfil their promises? If not, why are they scared of this year’s Independence Day theme?

Marina Chin was previously involved in BERSIH 2.0 where all of the participants did not listen to orders given by the police to leave. She is also the person who fights for LGBT rights. Hishamudin Rais in the other hand is known as a rebel. There is no point talking about him.

Even if we can trust Marina that everything would go peacefully, we would want to know what kind of democracy she is fighting for? Becoming a tool for PR, she does not have the rights so talk about democracy.

Parties within PR have their own chronic issues regarding democracy and free speech. PKR’s election for example is filled with lies, manipulation, fights and even clear cronyism.

DAP in the other hand is led by the Secretary General who is rude, arrogant, iron fist, chauvinist and racist. And just like PKR, the cronyism, in DAP is too obvious to be denied by anyone.

Because of the fact that there are no democracy in PKR and DAP, we can see that each year one by one of its leaders often choose to go INDEPENDENT and BN friendly.

PAS is no different as they are gutsy enough to put religion in front of politic.

All these three parties are also famous for boycotting the media whenever they are criticized or whenever they fell in their own trap.

Are these the parties which Marina wants to fight for?

If PR is wise, they should realize that as the election comes closer, they should focus more on fulfilling their promises at the states which they are ruling instead of rallying and making new promises.

They should have learnt from their mistakes back in BERSIH 3.0 where everyone began to get annoyed and wonder when would be the end for PR.

We believe that after Janji Demokrasi, Marina’s image will be tarnished just like Ambiga as she simply ruined Merdeka.



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