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POLITIKMeeting With Lawyer In Paris Proves Anwar's Lie #AnwarBohong #FitnahPR

Meeting With Lawyer In Paris Proves Anwar’s Lie #AnwarBohong #FitnahPR

Anwar Ibrahim was said to be in Paris, France after attending the Mega Convoy Royalty Talk in Shah Alam. This matter was mentioned himself during his speech in the program.

He said, lawyers who are handling the Scorpene scandal case would like to meet him regarding the update of the case and he would take the opportunity to ask about the matter of ‘commission’ which was involved in the business transaction.

So, his supporters were all proud with the fact that Anwar would be meeting up with a few white people.

They never even thought about what did Anwar has anything to do with the purchase of Scorpene even if there are doubt in the business transaction?

Where did it say that Anwar is one of its witnesses? Was he involved in the case? Was he there when the ‘commission’ was being given? Was he there during the murder of Altntuya?

Or was he just there to provide opinion regarding the credibility of witnesses or those who are involved? If it is true, is he really qualified to determine such thing? If he is, then on what basis is he qualified? As an enemy? As accomplice? As an intimate partner?

There would no way that those lawyers would want to meet up with him just so that they could get explanations on his sodomy case, chinadoll or Shamsidar which had nothing to do with Scorpene?

No lawyers nor investigators would want to look into things which has nothing to do with witnesses, alibi or evidence, like what is listed in investigation processes.

There is only one possibility when it comes to Anwar Ibrahim’s involvement in this ‘scorpene scandal’ as he said it, he is the backbone to all the lies which they have made regarding this corruption issue. So, his meeting with French lawyers was just another part of their method to tarnish the government’s image.

Let’s not forget how previously, Datuk Zulkifli Nordin, Anwar’s previous lawyer who is also the lawyer to Chief Inspector Azilah who was said to have murdered Altantuya revealed that Anwar had ordered him to change the strategy to defend Azilah by ‘fabricating and falsifying evidence to link the Prime Minister with the murder’. From there, Zulkifli then withdrew himself and left Anwar before he reveals this matter.

If Anwar did that to him, there might be a chance where he might have done the same thing to those French lawyers which he met?

If Anwar would go the great distance of sentencing an innocent person to a death row, what would stop him from killing someone himself?

This matter brought us back to the two hit and run cases involving the death of a wife of a Dato’s who was the first person who brought up the sodomy case 1 to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the Prime Minister at that time. and also the death of victim’s wife in the case, Azizan.

Considering all of these facts, Anwar’s Ibrahim’s meeting with French lawyers leads us to two conclusions. 1, ‘more questions’, or 2, ‘an answer’.

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