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BERITAMerdeka Eve Or Reform Eve?

Merdeka Eve Or Reform Eve?

Usually, the eve or merdeka would be celebrated with people chanting the word ‘Merdeka!’ or other things that are patriotic.

But things are different with the ambang merdeka rally which was organized by opposition NGOs when they seemed to be more interested to scream political chants that night.

Rakyat could clearly hear people screaming “reform, reform” along with “destroy, destroy, destroy Najib” as PAS’s Vice President, Mat Sabu joined the crowd while in another area, pictures of the Prime Minister and his wife were burnt.

There were also a few groups of youth who are pro PKR and PAS marched from Dataran Merdeka to DBKL building with them waving PKR and PAS’s flag which somehow did not portray that it was merdeka eve, but instead a rally.

Meanwhile, roads in front of DBKL and Dataran Merdeka seemed to be monopolized by this yellow group, causing traffic congestion for a few hours.

Mat Sabu and Hishamuddin Rais then took turns to give speech in front of DBKL building pushing for clean election, they did not say anything about the celebration of merdeka.

That night clearly contradicted with the promise made by the Himpunan Janji Bersih organizer who guaranteed that there the assembly would not involve politics and there would be no speeches made by any politicians.

It is now clear that the Janji Bersih rally did not went as promised. The 55th Independence day should have been celebrated with cheer were contaminated by opposition simply because of their subversive game, those who were involved should be sentenced by rakyat in the coming General Election.



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