Wednesday - August 4, 2021 @ 06:59
BERITAMicrosoft Office 2013 Is Official: Preview Edition Available Now

Microsoft Office 2013 Is Official: Preview Edition Available Now

It seems that Microsoft is really on the roll as of late with announcements after announcements for the past few months which have seen the unveiling of new products such as Surface and Windows Phone 8. Earlier today, the company has added yet another new product into its release roster this year: the new Microsoft Office 2013.

Codenamed as Office 15 prior to its official unveiling today, the biggest change that Office 2013 will bring to the long-running productivity suite is the integration of cloud service. By default, the new Office will save documents to the cloud – using Microsoft’s SkyDrive, of course – so that they can be accessed and updated across devices such as tablet, PC and phone. In addition to that, users can also access their custom settings, templates and dictionary across devices via cloud.

Since Windows 8 will be out in the market very soon, it is not surprising that the Office 2013 look and feel have been refreshed to go along with the new operating system including Metro-style interface (not very visible though) as well as improved support for touch gestures and stylus. Microsoft has also introduced the new OneNote Metro-style app for Windows 8 alongside the desktop edition.

As for the individual applications themselves, quite a number of new features have been included in them such as PDF editing in Word, enhanced presentation mode in PowerPoint, FlashFill auto-complete in Excel, People Card in Outlook, and many more. For more information, head on to to learn more about the new Office 2013 and to download the customer preview edition of the suite that users can test out on their own PC.



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