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Microsoft Officially Launches Windows 8: Available Right Away. Price Starts From RM 46

Just slightly a year after it was first officially unveiled to the world, the latest member of Microsoft’s most well-known product family – the Windows operating system – has finally arrived into the market. Available immediately for consumers throughout the globe including here in Asia Pacific region, the new Windows 8 brings together plenty of new features that are aim to provide a “no-compromise computing experience” to users – according to the President of Microsoft Asia Pacific, Tracy Fellows.

Among one of the most visible feature that the new touch-optimized operating system has to offer to consumers is its Start Screen which gives users a fast way to access their apps. Other than that, Windows 8 is also equipped with built-in cloud connectivity via SkyDrive together with social integration through its People’s app and the brand new Internet Explorer 10. The new operating system also supports previously released programs that were built for Windows 7 and users can also obtain new Windows 8-style apps right in the OS through Windows Store.

For consumers, the new operating system is available in two editions: Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Alongside them is also the new Windows RT which is only available as a preloaded operating system for ARM-based devices. In conjunction with the launch, around 50 Windows 8-based devices from 10 major manufacturers will be made available in the region starting from today onwards.

The new Windows 8 will cost from around RM 46 to RM 882 in Malaysia according to the type of package and the exact timing of the purchase. We will be touching more on the pricing of Windows 8 in detail very soon, together with images and video from the regional launch event of the operating system that took place in Singapore yesterday as well as a brief look at Windows 8-based devices that were showcased at the event.

For the meantime, head on to www.windows.my to learn more about the new Windows 8.

Windows 8 Pricing For Malaysia Revealed: Starts From RM 46

Now that Windows 8 has finally arrived in the market, it is time to check out how much will the new operating system cost for consumers. Turns out that the pricing for Malaysia is still the same as per what we reported earlier.

By that, we actually mean the existing Windows Upgrade Offer program which is for new PC owners to upgrade their Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro as well as the upgrade program for existing Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. Both promos will end on 31 January 2013 in which the pricing will then be changed to the much heftier standard pricing as what you can see in the summary below:

For those who are wondering, the Windows 8 Pro Pack is basically the upgrade pack for a standard Windows 8 which will give users access to the additional features that are exclusively available on Windows 8 Pro such as data protection, Remote Desktop connection and domain join. On top of that, users will also receive Windows Media Centre together with the pack.

Looking at the standard pricing of the operating system, we got to say that it is pretty high to our liking although the promo pricing are rather good. Hence, if you planning to obtain Windows 8 for your PC, we reckoned that there is no better time to do that other than now.


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