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BERITAENGLISHMusa Hitam Expects BN To Win #GE13

Musa Hitam Expects BN To Win #GE13

Musa-hitam-Henti Guna Kenyataan SayaPreviously, Pakatan Rakyat did try to use Tun Mahathir’s influence to raise support by spreading the perception that the former Premier do not support Dato’ Seri Najib as Prime Minister. However, the attempt was not s success because the public could see clearly how Tun Mahathir really support the Prime Minister that he is willing to help and work hard to ensure that Barisan Nasional would win the GE13.

The failure is yet to break them from using influence of their enemies to raise support. That is why, when Tun Musa Hitam stated that there is no way any party which become ruling government will intentionally bring the country to a bankruptcy, the opposition welcomed the statement and claim it as a statement supporting Pakatan Rakyat. Tun Musa made the statement in an economic program recently.

It is clear that PR realize that their own leaders are not able to convince rakyat that they will not drag the country to bankruptcy, that they had to get the ‘statement’ from Tun Musa Hitam.

Tun Musa Hitam is clearly not comfortable with the action as he came forward and asked the opposition to stop using his name to raise support. We know, even though Tun Musa do have his vengeance against a few individuals in UMNO, but he is not that stupid that he would defend PR, especially with the fact that support for the party is decreasing. That is why, as he denies the claim saying that he supports the opposition, Tun Musa also stated that he is convinced that Barisan Nasional will win the GE13.

Using enemy’s influence to gain support is embarrassing as it only proves that the opposition also acknowledges the influence of their enemies.

Question is, why can’t the opposition stand on their own influence to convince rakyat? Why ‘borrow’ enemy’s influence?

Answer is, because all leaders of opposition simply love to lie, that rakyat can no longer trust them. Why? Because all of their campaigns would be based on issues which are fabricated, or exaggerated. Other than lying, they also fail to present any explanations on how can they guarantee that this country would not go bankrupt due to their sweet promises.

Explanations such as ‘reducing deficit by fighting against corruption’ is just a general idea which cannot be put into details on paper. Especially with clear evidence that the opposition is much more ‘corruption-happy’ and not being transparent in the administration of the states they rule.

Issues such as ladang rakyat and Kelantan land which were given to DAP, extreme logging, KUIN and mega projects in Kedah, awarding contracts which were not transparent in Penang, sand and the growing ‘entertainment centres’ in Selangor, all shows corruption within PR government, despite of still being new in ruling few of those states.

Thus, how can rakyat trust the opposition when they claim that they can reduce deficit by combating corruption of they are to rule?

The opposition also argued that all the expenses and reducing price of goods can be covered by money from Petronas.

The opposition seem to view Petronas as ‘money factory’ where they can spit out money without any limit. Fact is, Petronas is the pulse of our country’s economy where the country depends on almost 60% of the tax which is paid by the company to provide subsidies and generate income which will later be returned to rakyat through public service and infrastructure.

If Petronas has to perform added ‘welfare’ jobs to the government as suggested by the opposition, their profit will definitely be affected, this will weaken the company, which will weaken the government and country as well.

In a way, the opposition only has two arguments on how they can generate the country’s income: 1. ‘Fight against corruption’ which we know they would not do, and 2. ‘Scraping money from Petronas’, just like kids taking money from the parents which eventually lead to the family being penniless.

So, it is not surprising why rakyat are no longer confident with the statement saying that ‘the opposition will not lead the country to a backrupt’. Rakyat are even convinced that Tun Musa also doubt that the opposition will leave this country penniless without any ‘intention’.

If not, obviously Tun Musa would not confidently say that he predicts BN to win the coming GE. Certainly, he is not convinced with the party which like to use the influence of others as well as manipulating people’s statements just so that they could get more votes.



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