Saturday - July 31, 2021 @ 02:59
BERITAN & L Series BlackBerry 10 Devices Leaked!

N & L Series BlackBerry 10 Devices Leaked!


BlackBerry Jam Americas may be over, with everyone flying back to their respective cities (you’re truly included, typing this from a lounge at LAX as we speak) but it looks like the BlackBerry news hasn’t exactly stopped coming! In a series of leaked internal marketing videos (which have been since removed) we get a first glimpse at the N and L series BB10 devices. While the L series is a full touchscreen device which we have seen in theory during all of the BB10 demos, the question on everyone’s mind was how would this experience translate to a traditional BB with that Awesome keyboard?


Those who were worried about losing the beloved physical keyboard should rest easy. In the screenshots it looks like the first N series will be like an elongated Bold 9900, retaining the best physical keyboard in the market, yet stretching the screen to a decently extended amount. No word on the exact dimensions, but it looks a whole ton better than the existing 9900 for BB10.

One thing is for sure, coming from an iPhone and Android “upbringing”, I am increasingly optimistic for the future of BlackBerry. It’s always great to see innovation and I, like lots of my peers, am looking forward to Q1, 2013. What do you think, BlackBerry Fans?

(Source: Crackberry)



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