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YAB Dato’ Seri Najib might have just hold the Prime Minister post for three years, but his contributions to rakyat are just too many to be listed.

Beginning from the age of 22, he had became an MP before he was appointed as Deputy Minister of Energy, Telecommunication and Post and the the Deputy Minister of Education and Deputy Minister of Finance. This means, at such a young age, Dato’ Seri Najib had contributed to rakyat though his various portfolios.

His determination and sincerity in his work had grabbed the attention of the Prime Minister back then, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who then listed his name for DUN Pekan which later brought him to become Pahang’s Chief Minister at the age of 29.

From there, Najib as the CM and one of the pioneer figure of Pahang Foundation in promoting education and sports among youth via scholarship and funds. He also generated the state’s economy through natural resources with the cooperation with FELDA, by opening the path towards the new land scheme for the poor and for those who do not own any land.

Other than contributing through politics, Najib who was appointed as the Chairman of Lembaga Kemajuan Penternakan, Majuternak, had generated various new ideas to help farmers.

And when he became the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, his determination in improving the quality of sports in Malaysia was proven when Malaysia managed to show its true colors during the SEA games 1989 which was held in Kuala Lumpur.

In 1991, Najib was appointed as the Defence Minister and up until now, he is seen as the best Defence Minister Malaysia has ever had. He had modernized and increase the credibility of Malaysian Army through various trainings and new equipments.

After that, he was appointed as the Education Minister. Here, he restructured and privatized public universities and supported cooperation from foreign universities. Few of his contribution which had brought benefit in the education system, now would be the upgrade of education certificate to diploma to increase teachers’ salary scale.

His service as a Defence Minister was once again needed in 1995. He then took the chance to increase the moral and motivation of the Malaysian army which is already then, respected by the world, by introducing a better housing scheme, restructure of allowance and their salary.

It is clear that Dato’ Seri Najib’s contributions even before he became our PM were just immense.

Najib was appointed as the PM on April 3, 2009, and since then, he did not waste any time. Within three years, his transformation idea managed to be implemented and it even came to a huge success, instead of just empty words.

He then introduced the Government Transformation Program (GTP) to increase quality, skill and transparency in public service and the government. KPI was then introduced to measure performance of officers and government agencies.

Besides that, National Key Result Areas (NKRA) was also announced as one of the measure to solve seven issues which involves rakyat and the country which include reducing crime, fighting corruption, increasing students’ performance, increasing standard of living among the poor, increasing basic infrastructure in rural areas, ensuring clean and treated water for everyone, increasing public transportation in cities and to tackle issues in cost of living.

All of those are now in process and a big part of them has began to show great results. It is clear that Najib do fulfill his promises without wasting any time.

The 1Malaysia Campaign which was launched by him was also welcomed by rakyat.

Within three years, he managed to strengthen the nation’s economy with the highest increase in GDP with 5.9% in September 2009 from a low low record of -7.6% in March 2009 (Before he was appointed as PM).

The country’s political and economic stability is the result made by Najib’s leadership, and it enables the government to announce direct help for rakyat such as BR1M, KR1M, TR1M, 1Malaysia Clinic etc.

Based on the facts above, in short, right after he reached his 20s, Najib did not stop contributing to rakyat. But, as his age reaches 59 today, Najib never really think that his post is the reward of his contributions, but he takes it as a huge help from rakyat as they had given their trust to him. Thus, he needs to remain inspired and motivated to serve and contribute without fail.

No one can deny his contributions, not even opposition supporters. No one can deny the fact that they did receive cash and help from various programs which was inspired by Najib.

We should all thank him for what he has done to us. With that, we pray that Dato’ Seri Najib would remain healthy so that he could continuously contribute to the country and rakyat.

Happy birthday, Dato’ Seri Najib, our respected Prime Minister!




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