The oppositions are getting jittery by the day as their sustaining power erodes with the aggressive onslaught by none other than Prime Minister Naib Tun Razak himself.

The oppositions have tried hard to bring him down with the scorpene issue the first time he took over the Umno presidency and Prime Ministership and until today they have not been successful to pin him down.

Since the issue was created and twisted to make Malaysians view Najib as scandalous and corrupted, Malaysians at large was at first taken in by the wild allegations but after awhile…one year after that Malaysians are asking the truth to the allegations.

And today, they know the oppositions have been making up stories and are trying to further strengthen the lies to make it look real.

Malaysians at large know the oppositions have been raising issues – some fictions some half- truths that have been twisted and spin – to win votes and take over the government by using whatever means.

The oppositions never care what happens to the country and the people when they take over as looking at their campaigns, the population is now truly divided by race and religion, no longer united as one.

Demands have been plentiful and Najib has no choice but to fulfill some and consider some and in doing so, Najib has somewhat created resentment among his staunch supporters who are Umno members at grassroot level.

MCA and MIC, the two biggest partner of Umno have began ‘standing up’ after falling down hard in the 2008 general election.

The two parties are now fighting back hard against the oppositions’ onslaught, helping Najib who has been fighting alone since 2009.

Although the two parties have yet o make a great impact that can show real result, their attempts are sufficient to give Najib the much needed support after being alone in a political battle that seems to be endless.

All along, Najib has only receives support from Malay group Perkasa headed by rebel rouser and Pasir Mas MP Ibrahim Ali.

But beginning early this year, Najib is no longer alone as MCA, MIC, and hundreds of Malay-based NGOs throw their support behind him as they see the ‘light’ at the end of the battle.

They trust Najib with their life and souls as they see his sincerity in trying to unite and build a 1Malaysia nation that will benefit the future generations