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Nashruddin’s No Longer Part Of PAS: Syura Council Should Be Disbanded

majlis ulama pasPAS Syura Ulama Council used to be described as an old Al-Quran by Datuk Mohamed Daud Iraqi, one of the Council members itself. An old Al-Quran which might have lose some of it’s prints, but it would never be thrown away.

However, in the eyes of DAP and PKR, PAS Syura Ulama Council is seen as an old rug, used to cover all the dirt spread by PAS leaders.

Even PAS has accepted the fact that their Syura Council does not mean a thing, but it cannot be swept out because it carries the name of ‘Islam’ in PAS. Without the Syura Council, PAS is worth nothing more than just jubah and serban.

DAP and PKR are not the only ones who ‘ignores’ the Syura Council, even its own Chairman, Nik Aziz views the council as mere symbol. That is why Nik Aziz was reported to have made a statement on The Star saying that the dismissal of Nashruddin from Syura Council means dismissal from PAS as well. In other words, the Syura Council is the scape goat to cover from supporters from having any doubts due to the action.

The fact is, Nik Aziz clearly ignored Syura Council and made decision based on his emotions on the capacity as Chairman of the Council and the party’s Mursyidul Am.

We are aware that Nik Aziz is always full of vengeance.

And the worse thing for Nasharuddin was having to deal with Hadi Awang who loves to insult people. Giving his response to this issue, Hadi Awang described Nasharuddin as a regular member who does not provide any significance when he joined the Prime Minister to Gaza. That is why Nashruddin’s dismissal is said to be caused by his constant absence during Syura Council meetings instead of being with PM in Gaza.

However, if that is the excuse, then more should be dismissed. Even Datuk Mohamed Daud Iraqi and Nik Aziz themselves rarely come to the meetings. Why won’t Nik Aziz sack himself to show that he is fair?

Not just that, even Nasharuddin’s dismissal does not really follow the Islamic way. The charge was made without his presence, and the sentence was given without his knowledge, and without giving him any chance to defend himself.

Whatever it is, it is clear that the Syura Council does not mean a thing to PAS. It could still make decisions, but the final say would also come from PAS like what was said by Nik Aziz.

So, what is the use of the Syura Council? Wouldn’t it be better if PAS simply disband the council?

The Syura Council is not like an old Al-Quran because even an old Al-Quran still has its value. The council is just an old rug, it is worthless, not just in the eyes of DAP and PKR, even Nik Aziz thinks the same.



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