Newspaper Boycott: BERSIH Blocks Freedom Of Media


BERSIH Chairman, Ambiga Sreevenasan recently urged rakyat to boycott mainstream newspapers, New Straits Times, Utusan Malaysia, The Star and Berita Harian for a month. She urged rakyat to wear black attires for the whole month to express their protest against GE13 result.

Ambiga’s excuse, GE13 result was obtained in a ‘dirty’ manner. For that, she pushes EC Chairman to resign.

As a person with legal background, Ambiga is really putting herself to shame for making baseless allegations. Especially when she seem ‘exited’ over pushing for the outdated indelible ink to be used. Thankfully, the EC kept on using the current system, which ensures smooth polling process, while the usage of indelible ink is nothing more than an effort to make Ambiga happy.

Sadly, Ambiga is still not satisfied even though there was no case on anyone voting twice or not allowed to vote due to the weakness of indelible in issues as claimed. Ambiga will never be happy if BN wins because BN is the only thing which is stopping her from reaching her dream of seeing Muslims going apostate as well as seeing Malaysians freely practicing LGBT.

Unable to make the indelible ink stay as her main capital to justify any of her protests, Ambiga then claimed that there were phantom voters as well as cheating elements during electrical disturbance. These allegations have gone viral in the social media network to form a strong perception among rakyat saying that GE13 was unclean.

However, Ambiga found that all efforts to create this perception is not as easy as she think it would be as mainstream newspapers managed to block her by reporting the truth, along with explanations and evidence. While things brought out by Ambiga are all allegations with no proof.

By pushing people to boycott these newspapers, Ambiga only confirmed that all the things reported by these newspapers are true and that she is the on who is lying. And Ambiga do not want rakyat to receive the true information, she only want them to receive biased information.

Besides, if the reports from the newspapers are not true, obviously Ambiga would have sue them. However, this did not happen, Ambiga is unable to provide any evidence nor provide any counterarguments or even suing the newspapers, and EC.

Instead, she only plays on the ‘surface’, making random allegations to spread perception. Ambiga could not tell specifically where those incidents happened, who and how many were involved, the correct time period as well a the cheating element.

Without these information, how can Ambiga confirm that those things did occur?

How can a lawyer like Ambiga commit something which does not follow the law?

How can a democracy fighter such as Ambiga go against democracy?

How can a person who fights for freedom of speech such as Ambiga urges rakyat to boycott, and even block the freedom of media?

Clearly, Ambiga’s arguments and actions does not reflect a person who fights for the truth, instead, her actions only shows that she has an evil agenda where she intentionally wishes to tarnish the image of EC and the government.

If this is how Ambiga handles her dissatisfaction over GE13, she should stop claiming herself as any type of fighter. She needs to admit that she is a regime change agent, and please, just fight on the real platform. There is no need to be in disguise, because everything is clear now.

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