Next PM: PAS, DAP Backstabbed Anwar

It seems that the issue of who would be the next Prime Minister if Pakatan Rakyat wins the coming 13th General Election has now become a hot topic among their leaders.

One clear matter that arises from this PM debate issue is that PKR’s Leader, Anwar Ibrahim is no longer the exclusive choice among PAS and DAP.

This is based on the statement made by DAP’s National Leader where he mentioned that he would fight to ensure that Malaysia would have a non-Malay PM in the coming future.

What he meant is, DAP, with the help from PAS, are confident that they would be able to take over Putrajaya, even without PKR’s support.

This is because DAP sees PKR as a problematic party, including internal issues especially those which involves Anwar’s personal matters.

That is why Karpal did mention that the biggest problem in Pakatan Rakyat is Anwar, he then asked Anwar to leave the coalition and repent.

To make things worse for PKR-DAP, PAs’s Leader, Nik Aziz Nik Mat fully supported Karpal’s stand and stated that his suggestion can be implemented just as long as the PM is a Muslim, no matter any race he is.

In this PM polemic, Anwar do not dare say anything, he stood in silence, as if nothing happened.

As if to keep the harmony and unity, Anwar did not give any comments, even though, the fact is, he is no longer be seen as the main leader for Pakatan Rakyat, but more as a living corpse that PAS and DAP had to carry.

Anwar knew that PAS and DAP had played him from his back, not once, but various times.

Anwar was said tht he had personally said to a few PKR leaders that he does not trust DAP and he has his doubts on PAS who is crazy for power.

PAS and DAP in the other hand, do not trust Anwar and they think that he is not qualified enough to be the next PM.

For Karpal and Nik Aziz, PKR is a party that gives them too much problems.

As a messed up party and the fact that they have the smallest amount of seats in the parliament (after five of its MPs jumped to become independent members), PKR has such big lust to lead Pakatan Rakyat and take the PM position by putting DAP and PAS aside.

PAS and DAP would never remain silent because they think they are bigger than PKR, they have been around longer, more organized and disciplined. Thus, the rights of PM position should go to them.

Former Senator and former DAP’s Vice President, Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim, sarcastically imagined the scenario where Anwar, Lim Kit Siang (perhaps even Karpal) would all rush to Putrajaya to take the PM position if Pakatan Rakyat wins.

Finally, Tunku Aziz said, the country would fall into a serious crisis, just like how Anwar, or even Kit Siang and Abdul Hadi have always wanted.

Such scenario not impossible if we are to look at the riot incident which happened during Bersih 3.0.

The opposition would do just about anything including creating chaos in this country just so that their dreams would come true.

For them, rakyat are just mules which they would use to gain votes and support, and that rakyat would be pushed aside once they have their power.

But their dreams are just dreams. From the substantial support that rakyat is giving to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as PM, rakyat do know which decision they should take