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isu-tanah-kelantanUnder public scrutiny, Perak DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham bluntly and without hesitation said it was none of the public’s business on where he obtained the money to buy the land in Kelantan.

And arrogantly to MACC he said: “Show us you are impartial first before we can have any confidence in them.”

Obviously the cousins Ngeh and Nga are arrogant in their replies as they feel they are on top of the world, nobody can ‘touch’ them in this deal with Kelantan government.

Ngeh has been propagating transparency, translucent and whatever trans….probably plus transgender and what not…and when it comes to him, he said THE PUBLIC HAS NO BUSINES TO ASK WHERE HE GOT THE MONEY TO DO HIS BUSINESS.

The ‘shit’ he said it was none of the public’s business to know when he is himself holding a public office, elected by the people and was at one time a state exco member.

He has no right whatsoever to tell the public its none of the public’s business to know where he got the money because he is a public servant, serving the public under his capacity as an MP and also state assemblyman.

He has no right to tell the public what they should know and what they should not know about him.

The public, especially the people who voted for him have the right to know and he has no right to tell them off, as he did with arrogance and without conscience.

Not just that, Ngeh even showed his arrogance to MACC asking the commission to show its impartiality before he and his cousin have any confidence in them.

Ngeh and gang, particularly Anwar Ibrahim have been attacking MACC’s credibility the past few years which gave (Anwar and gang) the leverage in every move they make.

They always create the doubts on MACC whenever the commission tries investigating one of their own and in this case, they will go all out to create credibility doubts against MACC so that Ngeh and cousin Nga can escape thorough and deep investigations.

Now it is up to MACC to take up the challenge because delaying in actions mean allowing the two DAP leaders to ridicule and tarnish the credibility of the commission which in turn create doubts in the minds of the public towards them (MACC).

Arrogant as they are, it is also up to party chairman Karpal Singh to show the world that he is of clean character and clean heart by pressuring Ngeh and Nga to reveal where they obtain the money to be involved in a RM30 million deal.

Karpal should get Ngeh and Nga to reveal where they obtained the money and how the deal was made so that the party is clear of practices that have elements of corrupt, abuse of power and free of any related issues that reflect an unclean chauvinistic party.

If Karpal fails to do this, it simply means that Karpal is no different than any of the chauvinistic leaders in the party who puts up a clean front for public consumption which in reality full of ‘shits’ behind their back.

It is no small amount and Ngeh and Nga could not have saved the amount even if they pool their financial resources together, sold or mortgaged their houses, and no one would give such a huge amount of loans.

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