@NikAbdulAziz #hamPAS Scared When Screamed By Karpal #pakdin.my

It is quite funny when only Karpal Singh becomes the only target for PAS on the hudud issue when Karpal was not making any personal statement but it was for the party. Everyone knows, this includes leaders and PAS supporters, that Karpal Singh brings DAP’s opinions which are often consistent and strict especially when it comes to going against hudud, rejecting Islamic nation, anti-Malay and Royals.

That is why if PAS wants to show that they are raged over Karpal, they should do it consistently as well.

But what is happening here is, back then, PAS seems very mad at Karpal for saying that PAS need to go over his dead body before making Malaysia an Islamic nation, then, PAS accepted Karpal and DAP. Even Hadi Awang hugged Lim Kit Siang as they were together in the Alternative party even though Kit Siang goes against hudud just as same as Karpal.

Then in 2001, DAP announced their resignation with PAS in the Alternative party (BA) with the excuse that PAS still bring about the hudud issue in their campaigns.

Do remember tha DAP was the one who left BA, not PAS. This showed that DAP remained consistent with their stand on hudud and as for PAS, things are the other way around.

Up until now, in every single confrontation, only DAP threatens that they would get out of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) but PAS never does. That is why PAS do not dare to scream at DAP but they only target on Karpal alone.

PAS is hoping that DAP would not leave them hanging in PR.

Despite that, too bad for PAS because this ‘PAS being mad at DAP’ is no longer working. Even though there are still pressure from PAS themselves, to get the party out from PR, but we all know that it would never happen. PAS craves for power and they would never leave PR if they do stand the chance to win the next GE.

That is why PAS’s ‘rage’ to Karpal is simply a play. That is the fact that everyone knows but tried to be denied by their supporters. PAS is actually scared of Karpal.

Even though Karpal could only talk and not stand up, slap or kick PAS in the butt, PAS is still scared of him. PAS is scared because they know that Karpal represents DAP and he is not alone. PAS is scared of losing DAP once more and they would do anything as long as DAP remain with them for the fight to Putrajaya.

The clash regarding hudud would not stop until the GE to ensure that Malay voters would not question how Islam PAS is. This is agreed by DAP to retain their non-Muslim support to them. That is why the party is letting Karpal to be used by PAS while waiting for the coming GE.

But, behind the curtain, the story between PAS and DAP is just as same where DAP remain consistent in rejecting hudud, Islamic nation, Malay and Royals while PAS remain as a loyal slave who would do just about anything just so that they would get the chance to be at Putrajaya.