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No Kafir Because Of No Islamic Country Or No Islamic Country Because Of Kafir?

13 Mei 1969

Just for the sake of being with DAP, which was said as haram in a fatwa set by pondok scholars, PAS today denied that DAP is kafir.

The excuse given by PAS is that as long as there is no Islamic country, no one is kafir. The statement was made by Dato’ Dr. Haron Din and was published in Harakah, and quoted by various pro-opposition blogs. Lim Kit Siang also then swiftly made a statement supporting PAS’s statement by saying that he is not kafir.

If kafir do not exist because there is no Islamic country from PAS’s view, then how can PAS form an Islamic country is there is kafir stopping them? And PAS is now helping them?!

Kafir harbi, brings the meaning of non-Muslims who hates Islam.

There would be no way that Lim Kit Siang would admit that he hates Islam. Obviously he is not a good politician if he publicly state that he hates Islam and all Muslims.

But, his hatred towards Islam and Muslims (Malay) can be seen throughout history. In fact, it would not be wrong of us to describe him as the Father of Racism for Malaysia. Mageran report clearly showed how the May 13, 1969 tragedy was triggered by Kit Siang through his DAP campaign which was held during an election on May 10, 1969.

Due to the Malay hate campaign, and spreading Chinese ‘power’ along streets, DAP then held a rally with the slogan:

‘Malai Si’ or Death to Malay’

‘What can the police do, we are King. Get rid of all Malay police’

‘Death to Malay, go back to the jungle’

‘KL belongs to Chinese’

‘Malay should head back to kampung, they have no power, Chinese are in control’

‘Get out, Malay…! What are you doing here, we will hit you…we are now in power…’

‘…all Malays, get rid of all police’

‘This is no longer a Malay land, we have taken over, **** police’

If those words do not bring the message of hatred towards Muslim Malays, what else could it be?

It is clear that DAP has never changed since then where they want to get rid of Malays.

And this has been proven once they took control of Penang where Malays were sent off accordingly by bringing down their kampung to make way for high-cost houses so that it would be tough for Malays to own any of it. DAP also had worked to plan on building Nanyang university branch in Penang, hence to add more Chinese there and to put a stop to Malays living there.

DAP also showed their hatred towards Malay by spreading hate messages to civil servants and authorities such as police and MACC just because the institutions are led by Malays. If we are to browse through DAP supporters’ page, we can find they they openly express their hatred towards Royal Institution and question the use of the word ‘DiRaja’ (Royal) for our national security team.

Once, DAP also refused to wear the traditional attire in Dewan with the excuse that it is Malay and Islamic.

In short, DAP’s attitude in hating Muslim Malays are too obvious to be missed.

PAS is the only one denying all of those. They even defended DAP. What is worse is that PAS even nodded when DAP wanted to spread Christianity to Malays through Bibble translated to Bahasa Melayu and the usage of the word Allah S.W.T. in their teachings.

If DAP is not kafir harbi, then what are they?

Is it only when DAP began to use weapon against Malays then they are kafir harbi, just like what is happening in Rohingya? Even that might not be true because according to Harun Din, Rohingya is not an Islamic country so there is no such thing as kafir harbi there.

Malaysia is an Islamic country. Malaysia puts Islam in a very high position and defends it through the Royal Institutions. Leadership and power are also under the hands of Muslims. Malaysia is an exemplary Islamic country to others because it is the only Islamic country that is in peace, harmony and developing other than has the ability to help other Muslims around the world.

Those are the reasons why DAP wants to take over this country. DAP wants to mock Islam or at least put Islam at the same level as other religions. DAP can never sit still as long as Muslims have the rights to say the Azan everyday which would interfere their sleep. DAP cannot sit still until they could sell alcohol and pork as open as possible in this country.

DAP can never sit still as long as the official religion in Malaysia is Islam and the rulers are Muslims.

By denying that DAP is kafir harbi just because PAS wants to head over to Putrajaya, PAS themselves had shown that they are the enemy of Islam. If voting for DAP is haram, then voting for PAS is haram.

All because PAS and DAP are now a single entity even though they seem different.




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