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BERITANASIONALNon-Malay PM: Nik Aziz Agrees To Karpal Singh?

Non-Malay PM: Nik Aziz Agrees To Karpal Singh?

Karpal Singh

Back then in 1990, DAP’s General Leader, Karpal Singh did challenge PAS to move over his dead body if PAS wants to pursue their dreams in forming an Islamic nation.

20 years later, PAS finally cancelled their hopes in building Islamic nation with the excuse that such thing is not stated in the Quran. Without even moving over Karpal’s dead body, PAS lost the game and DAP cheered in excitement.

Once again PAS bowed down to DAP’s power when its hudud law was then ignored by the opposition as they are focusing more on the Buku Jingga.

A little while back, the usage of the word Allah s.w.t became a controversial issue when the church were asking for their rights for the usage of the word. And again, PAS bowed down just for the sake of their relationship with DAP.

Countless of times, PAS often choose to listen to DAP perhaps because they think that they are falling and they hope that the relationship would help them to move to the top, with the help of DAP’s non-Muslim support.

A few days ago, Karpal Singh described that the transformation program that was developed by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as not wide enough and are only focused on rural areas. His excuse is that the Bumiputera status should cover every other races who were born during and after the independence.

As usual, supporters and leaders od PAS just nodded and followed DAP’s demands on the name of equality and justice.

Now, Karpal Singh expressed his hope to have a non-Malay Prime Minister in Malaysia. He said,”I am not sure whether my hope in seeing a non-Malay Prime Minister would be realized in my era, but I would still fight for it.”

PAS’s earlier response, especially from Nik Aziz, was a little disappointing. There were no objections other than a statement saying that what Karpal Singh said was just spoken words from an old man. In other words, for Nik Aziz, the provocation made by Karpal Singh is just a small matter.

History taught us that every single thing that came out from Karpal Singh’s mouth has always shown the real identity of DAP like how it was proven when they strictly object in issues such as the Islamic nation, hudud, the word Allah s.w.t, Malay rights and Bumiputera etc.

Thus, looking at Nik Aziz’s light response, it is not wrong for us to say that he actually agrees with the statement made by Karpal Singh who wants non-Malays to become Prime Minister.

To lead the country with an easy majority, the opposition only needs 112 seats from overal; 222 Parliamentary seats. If 40 of the Parliamentary seats are owned by DAP, assisted with another 20 from non-Malay PKR, DAP’s dream would come true.

Just imagine how would it be if the opposition rules this country. By then, would Nik Aziz go around and say that Karpal Singh’s statement is merely an old man’s dream?



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