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Nurul Izzah Is ‘Demolishing’ Mosques

nurul-izzahPKR Supporters’ camp went haywire for a while when Lembah Pantai MP, Nurul Izzah raised the issue saying that Ar-Rahman Mosque at Universiti Malaya (UM) had to be closed by the Central Government due to political matters.

Looking at PKR’s propaganda regarding this issue seems like they are telling that Ar-Rahman Mosque will be closed forever. This sort of accusation is probably something normal for Anwar’s family.

To sensationalize the story, they say that the orders to close the mosque were made from Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), so that they could blame everything on the Minister of Federal Territory and Urban Wellbeing, Datuk Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin.

When the real story actually goes like this, the Ar-Rahman Mosque in UM will only be temporarily closed for restoration process.

The notice of temporary closure came from Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (JAWI) ensure a smooth process in fixing the mosque’s roof, wiring as well as water pipes.

Besides that, during this temporary closure, the same attention is also given to solve the issue of overflowing water which occur around the mosque each time it rains heavily.

The official order from JAWI was made on November 20, 2012 and it will be in effect by December 1, 2012, until it is finished around June 2013.

While waiting for the restoration process to finish, JAWI had urged Muslims to simply perform their prayers at nearby mosques.

Few of them include the Tun Rahah Mosque at Bangsar Village, Ikhlasiah Mosque Kg. Kerinchi, Saidina Abu Bakar As-Siddiq Mosque Jalan Ara Bangsar, the National Mosque, Surau Jumaat Akademi Pengajian Islam Universiti Malaya as well as Surau Jumaat Muhammadi Angkasapuri.

In short, there is no issue at all. Instead, the daughter to PKR’s General leader simply point it out for the sake of her family’s political interest.

Especially when her image only revolve around churches, including the recent forum which she participated at the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church, USJ, Selangor where the PKR Vice President expressed that she wants freedom of religion to apply to Malay Muslims as well.

In desperation, to gain back the trust among Malays to her, she had to turn this mosque matter to a political issue, even if it is just another accusation.

At the end of it, her words simply made her sound like she wants to ‘demolish’ mosques when she said that Ar-Rahman Mosque will be closed for good by the Central Government.

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