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BERITANVIDIA Opens GPU R&D and Compute-Solution Center in Malaysia with MIMOS

NVIDIA Opens GPU R&D and Compute-Solution Center in Malaysia with MIMOS

One-Stop Center First In Southeast Asia To Champion GPU Technologies

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct. 18 (Bernama) — NVIDIA today launched Southeast Asia’s first GPU R&D and Compute-Solution Center in Malaysia, working with HP and MIMOS.

The center, which is located on MIMOS campus, will serve as a one-stop shop to promote, share and teach GPU technologies and solutions to customers and those interested in general purpose GPU (GPGPU), as well as to perform collaborative work on GPU-related topics.

In addition to featuring leading GPU-enabled applications – such as SolidWorks, Autodesk 3ds Max, ANSYS, Abaqus and Adobe CS6 – the center will promote the dynamic growth of GPU computing in Malaysia. Local activities include: collaborative university research projects; creating CUDA teaching centers at universities; GPGPU workshops; CUDA programming contests; technology road shows; and hosting government and industry visits.

It will also cater to GPU-related activities, such as developing GPU accelerator libraries, R&D in GPGPU-enabled applications and generic algorithms, and GPGPU application benchmark and testing.

Powered by an HP Converged Infrastructure architecture featuring HP ProLiant Servers, HP Networking switches and HP 3PAR Storage, the GPU R&D and Compute Solution Center will facilitate the adaptation of many-core, parallel and GPU techniques in scientific, financial and big data processing.

“The creation of this center reflects the increasing use of GPU computing in demanding generalpurpose scientific, engineering and computational finance applications,” said Francis Yu, Vice President of APAC Sales and Marketing at NVIDIA. “Together, NVIDIA, HP and MIMOS are championing the development of GPU computing, and bringing its benefits to organizations in Malaysia and around the region.”

MIMOS President and CEO Datuk Abdul Wahab Abdullah said, “MIMOS values industry partnerships that promote cross-fertilization of ideas and enable synergized solution development together with our technology recipients. In turn, this helps accelerate our research results and encourages adoption locally and globally.”

MIMOS currently utilizes the center for research and development in big data processing in the area of text processing, financial computation, and data scrambling. These libraries are in turn given to MIMOS technology recipients and end customers; who can take them to the local and global market for their product sales and increase efficiency.

Held in conjunction with the opening of the center is a workshop to create better GPGPU awareness and showcase GPGPU solutions and technologies.


NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) awakened the world to computer graphics when it invented the GPU in 1999. Today, its processors power a broad range of products from smartphones to supercomputers. NVIDIA’s mobile processors are used in cell phones, tablets and auto infotainment systems. PC gamers rely on GPUs to enjoy spectacularly immersive worlds. Professionals use them to create 3D graphics and visual effects in movies and to design everything from golf clubs to jumbo jets. And researchers utilize GPUs to advance the frontiers of science with high performance computing. The company has more than 5,000 patents issued, allowed or filed, including ones covering ideas essential to modern computing. For more information, see


MIMOS is the leader in ICT innovations, pioneering new market creations for partners through patentable technologies for economic growth. With over 25 years of experience and legacy, MIMOS contributes to the industry with its core technological competencies towards raising Malaysia’s local, regional and international market competitiveness. Led by accomplished leaders, MIMOS is powered by over 600 Researchers and Scientists, developing world-class design, research & development.

With R&D competencies in ICT Value Chain, MIMOS sees technology as an enabler to all new economic growth areas. Through its meaningful existence, MIMOS successfully transferred technologies to over 20 companies and created RM2.6 billion market funnel (in 2010 and 2011 alone). In 2011, MIMOS contributed 43% of Malaysia’s Total Filed Patent Applications at the Patent Cooperation Treaty. MIMOS was also ranked at number 7 for Top 10 PCT Applicants List among Government-owned International Organisations (Government and Research Institutes).

MIMOS endeavours to create a ‘Culture of Innovation’ by nurturing relationships with internal and external stakeholders, in the spirit of smart partnerships and inclusive growth models & strategies.


MIMOS is known as MIMOS and not Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems.


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