Friday - July 30, 2021 @ 15:03
BERITAOpposition Is Worried Over ‘Janji Ditepati’ Advert @NajibRazak

Opposition Is Worried Over ‘Janji Ditepati’ Advert @NajibRazak

It seems that the closer the election gets, the worrier opposition is. Not just the fact that they are anxious over their scandals, they are also worried over small matters such as the ‘janji ditepati’ advertisements which makes them uneasy.

That is how powerful such moderate adverts are where they got to a point where their web portal, Suara Pakatan Rakyat had to advise opposition leaders.

We do understand that the opposition is not only anxious over efforts taken by Barisan Nasional for rakyat all these while, it showed rakyat that the opposition had not done even a single thing even though they have been ruling for almost a term in a few states.

Like what was admitted by Suara PR website, even though Pakatan Rakyat could not compete with BN in the usage of medias to influence rakyat, and even if they have such capability, PR still do not have any record to show their service to rakyat.

That is why id PR is given any slots for advert in TV, we believe that all they would do is just provide empty promises and never mention anything they have done for rakyat.

Not that rakyat do not know any of their ‘kind services’ such as free water in Selangor, it did not cover the whole state and did not provide any huge impact to the lives of rakyat, like what what mentioned by the pro-opposition website.

Perhaps their loyal supporters look at such advertisements as sarcasm for BN’s election campaign. But, what is important here is that the advert is a fact, not fantasy or lies, Few of them include BR1M, school aid worth RM100, 1Malaysia Clinic and others which cannot be denied by anyone even opposition supporters.

They even use all of the facilities provided despite of the mockery and insults that they made to the government.

The worse situation is when the opposition themselves ‘blessed’ and ‘reccomend’ that their supporters use all of the benefits provided by BN and at the same time hoping that their supporters would keep on opposing BN.

Thus, the opposition could keep on saying that BN is using the media for their political interest through advertisements but what is important here is that rakyat do understand the message that is given to them and the truth which cannot be twisted.

If the opposition wishes to be anxious with those adverts, they should not criticize every single one of them. Instead, they should try to fulfil their promises. The question is, can they do it?



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