Monday - August 2, 2021 @ 14:48


wpid-pakatan+gay.jpgI remember the song that I sang with the rest of the schoolboys in primary school those days in the sixties – London Bridge Is Falling Down – and the song however evaporated as time goes by and the education system changes accordingly.

Taking the song to the current political scenario, the way it goes, the opposition pact or the so-called Pakatan Rakyat is actually crumbling just like the what I had been singing those days.

Distrusts and suspicious minds prevail ever since the three parties ‘vowed’ to be together for bad or for worse…sounds like a marriage vow…and the feelings that were hidden for years are now exploding like a row of volcanos spurting out their larvae one-by-one.

With honeymoon over and each partner now finds the other sickening and distasteful after a short spell of enjoyment, the ‘marriage of convenience’ is now breaking up from within and from the outside.

DAP Karpal Singh seems pissed off with everything the other partners do while PKR Anwar Ibrahim continues with his ‘joker’ role trying to make all the partners happy and PAS Abdul Hadi Awang sticking to the party’s fundamentals like holding on tightly to its teddy bear not allowing anybody to even touch it.

With no common platform except to topple the ruling BN government, the three parties are now lost in their own game of lies, deceits and make-believed issues as they fall apart from each other’s grace and of course love.

Clearly the opposition pact is falling apart and attempts by the leaders to try to glue them together as one force seem to fail as the present situation is too volatile and sensitive.

Their mistakes are many and too big to rectify, in fact they are like three trains going on a parallel paths with no meeting point at the end.

Their assumption that the voters in 2008 were with them because they were influential which was called political tsunami was totally wrong as proven at present.

That wrong assumption had make them arrogant and over confident to the extent they forgot that the minds of voters changes according to performances and promises delivered.

Voters’ minds are not constant and being matured and wise, they watch, observe, analyse and make decisions accordingly, not just blindly follow as though being herded like cattle.

Actually this was what the opposition pact tried to do all along – herd the voters like cattle with their lies, deceits and make-believe stories – to hide their incompetency and weaknesses in administration and most importantly their failure to fulfill their election promises.

Voters are now demanding these and with the leaders of opposition pact right now are fighting each other on who should be Prime Minister and how many seats each party should contest, their aim seems miles away – a case of so near yet so far.

After all, Malaysian at large now see they are falling apart just like the song London Bridge Is Falling Down.



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