Parties in the opposition pact are campaigning according to their own party ideology and their own whims and fancies, they have no common platform in their campaigns.

DAP in Chinese areas talking about equality, as if the Chinese have been sidelined and abandoned by the government all this while, PKR going to kampungs and towns on cheaper petrol as if Malaysia’s petrol price is the highest in the world and PAS on Islam as if the religion has been ignored all along by the government.

And yet, when they are on the same stage at ceramahs, they lie saying they are for all Malaysians, regardless of race and religion and they are together in all policies to be made and implemented.

Now, voters who rational and wise ask: “Why must each party use each other’s party logo instead of just one? Why must they quarrel over seats allocation when they are supposedly to be together? Why they talk about different subjects to different groups of voters?”

PAS has just yesterday opened up ‘the cans of worms’ when he said PKR’s candidates have problems such as being drug addict and son on.

The reactions was of course anger from PKR leaders and despite this, they all claimed they are together in everything, the cheek to lie when everything is in the open.

Voters being exposed and wise are now wary of the hypocracy and know the game plan and hidden motives of each party in the opposition pact.

They know these leaders of parties in the opposition pact are jokers and court jesters, trying to attract them through their acts on stage rather than hard evidences of their seriousness to run the country professionally and with credibility.

Their stupidity and antics are now exposed layer-by-layer as they travelled the country wooing voters to vote for them when they know they have failed in delivering their pledges and promises made in 2008 general election.

They think voters are forgetful, forget what they have promised and pledged and voters do not see their weaknesses and failures.

They act on stage, make jokes and dance to make voters who watch them laugh and forget the past, pump into their minds new dreams and new hopes.

That’s what oppositions are and they think, playing the ‘old records’ will see them through the election, smooth ride to Putrajaya, forgetting that it has been five years and voters are getting smarter and wiser.

They forget voters are exposed to so many things through the internet, they forget voters can get their background and all ‘hidden skeletons in the cupboard’ at the tips of their fingers with just a push of the fingers.

Their differences on almost everything are open to public scrutiny and no amount of cover-ups can stop the public, who are voters, to make assumptions or even judgement.

Dancing and joking on stage infront of voters only confirm their stupidity.


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