Oppositions’ Debate Series Are Rubbish #pakdin.my

It seems like the opposition is on a role in their debating season now.

They would bring up just about any issue so that they could spread it to the public.

They also invited UMNO representatives to discuss upon a few issues – the last issue was about the opposition’s proposal in abolishing PTPTN which was done between UMNO Youth Chief, Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) and PKR’s Strategy Chief, Rafizi Ramli.

As everyone had witnessed, along the debating series, only Rafizi is involved.

Where is Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin who is the Chief of AMK as he is the one who is supposed to be debating with KJ as a political colleague who is holding the position which is as same as his?

Is this the proof that Rafizi is indeed Anwar Ibrahim’s golden boy as he gets all the limelight, leaving Shamsul with nothing? Well, it is clear now.

Obviously, for the opposition supporters, they think that they should win every each one of the debating series, even if UMNO had given factual and concrete points to justify their arguments.

The opposition seemed to be astonished with the debate concept that are held during the elections in America and Britain. To them, that is the peak of maturity in a democratic system.

But as for the debate that are held by the opposition here in this country, the only reason why they organize those debates are just to tarnish the Prime Minister’s image and to insult his administration.

That is their intention. That is all there is.

They are just sessions of constant insults and accusations to the government, PM and that they also provide empty promises to those who are listening.

The opposition are nothing. They only talk and they never really find any way to actually fulfill their promises.

Another weird matter that really showed how stupid the opposition really is, especially its leaders such as Anwar and Nik Aziz Nik Mat is when they talked about the issue of Malay unity.

The opposition seemed to be really exited to ask for UMNO to debate with them, but when UMNO had agreed to organize a muzakarah with PAS. Nik Aziz started to give excuses and then left the matter just like that.

PAS knew that if the muzakarah is held, their dirty secrets will be leaked just like that.

One of them can be seen through history on how PAS was formed. When Haji Ahmad Fuad Hassan (he was the Religious Biro Chairman in UMNO then) lost in a competition against Tunku Abdul Rahma Putra Alhaj for the position of President of UMNO after Dato’ Onn Ja’afar left the party.

In short, PAS was formed due to the greed for power that its leader had back then, and the exact actions was the real reason why Malays fail to unite in Tanah Melayu back then.

PAS cannot handle that fact, that is why they said no to the muzakarah.

So, to cover the issue of the fact that PAS was the reason why Malays fail to unite, they then got together with PKR and DAP to organize series of debates on various issues but Malay unity.

It’s not just that they are crazy for power, PAS also has this 61 year-old vengeance when their first leader actually lost an election