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So the opposition parties are making so much noise, diverting the voters’ focus on their planned policies to the purported expose’ of wrongdoings in ruling BN.

With the Dewan Rakyat in session, the oppositions are now on an attack mode, trying to dig further into all kinds of tenders and policies, wishing the Cabinet Ministers would bungle in their replies.

If this happens, they would then shout about it, making sure the voters know the ruling BN bungled in so many things and this would create the impression that the BN has done many wrongs.

But the most important thing here for the oppositions is that voters would forget to ask their policies and how they would rule if given the chance because these voters are busy watching how the oppositions grill Ministers on the issues raised.

Smart and shrewd, the oppositions have in fact managed to divert the focus of voters from the real issues to the ‘make believe world of ‘blunders and abuse of power’ in BN administration.

Voters already forgotten about the shadow cabinet the oppositions are supposed to announce so that voters know exactly what they will be getting if they vote the oppositions in power.

Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto chief will not announce the shadow cabinet line-up fearing that this would affect the oppositions’ chance of being voted into power, he assumes probably.

Firstly, the shadow cabinet he has would comprise old veterans, the likes of Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang, Abdul Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz Nik Mat, and he himself as well as the old veterans in his party PKR.

Secondly the line-up would reveal clearly cronyism and family dynasty such as Lim Guan Eng, Nurul Ezah and Karpal’s sons and not to be missed Anwar’s crony such as Azmin Ali and few others.

In short, announcing the shadow cabinet would ‘turn off voters’ as the young voters are looking forward to young fresh faces who are intellectuals, honest and wise.

The ‘tastes’ for people’s representatives have changed the scenario and political outlook and the young voters, comprising some 3 million, are no longer ‘limited to those who can talk’ but more importantly those who are honest and talk with intelligence.

Forget about Hudud laws and racial debates, they want development that can benefit them in their daily life and families, Islamic state or not, so long they can live peacefully and harmoniously as well as earn a living that can give them and their families a comfortable life.

They are no longer taken in or attracted with the loud talks and promises that have no basis because they are more knowledgeable than the elder politicians assume.

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