Our beloved country has just celebrated its 55th Independence Day but the opposition parties had shown their real colours in ‘being oppositions’ in a democratic system.

Instead of being united in celebrating the Independence where our forefathers had fought so hard and sacrifices so much, members of the oppositions ‘reared their ugly motives’ through actions that even the decent non-political citizens saw as ‘outrageous, ill-mannered, arrogant and unpatriotic.’

The acts reflected their motives to have the whole country change to their wishes, not just the government – in short they just want a change and the excitement of the changes but what are they for seem to be very remote.

No menace and seemingly lawless without character and devoid of intelligence, the acts the oppositions followers did were unacceptable by the normal standards of democracy all over the world.

They are crude and lack finesse, the attributes of unintellectual people who would rule by the law of ‘their head’ rather than law of the country.

In short, they would run the country like my parents and those elderly people experienced during the 14 days Bintang Tiga rule in 1945 when the Bintang Tiga or three Star Communists took over the country before the British returned law and order back to Malaya at that time.

The oppositions may just act the same, going by what they had shown on the eve of Merdeka, because they have never experience such power and authority, so just imagine when they are suddenly given the power and authority.

One wonders what will happen as without power and authority their supporters and members have shown their ‘ugly side’ and if power and authority are given to them, they would do worse acts.

They do not know what kind of changes do they wanted, they are lost in their own world and dreams without knowing the reality of the ground, not knowing the real needs of the people and not even knowing the meaning of patriotism.

Alleging the celebration organized by the government was BN’s propaganda, they forgot that the ruling party is the one that dictates how patriotism should be planted and such event should be held.

They forgot as oppositions, their jobs are to ensure the ruling party follows the stipulated laws and order and to take over the government, they have to go through the process of democracy that is the election – the ballot boxes.

They are supposed to be constructive in their opposing views but they have never done so, in fact the states they are rule now are in chaos with their leaders who run the states do not know what they are supposed to do.

They forgot all the pledges and promises they made and the take everything as politics in that they forgot they are supposed to develop the states and give benefits to their voters.

They forgot all and everything and if they are given the country, they would do worse. In short, they made so many mistakes by showing their ‘ugly side’ all along that make voters thinking over what the oppositions are really good at – which is actually nothing – they are good at nothing.

Voters, some 13 million over, are watching and are in awe to what have been going on. They know how the members and supporters of the oppositions would act when given power and they know whether power should be given or not to the oppositions after what had happened thus far.

Going by all the events, voters are matured enough to know only BN can act rationally and deliver their promises as the ruling BN has proven thus far.