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Sebahagian peserta KL112 yang duduk di jalan berhadapan dengan Stadium Bola Keranjang
Sebahagian peserta KL112 yang duduk di jalan berhadapan dengan Stadium Bola Keranjang

The end is near as the signs show crystal clear but definitely…no one can deny nor can anyone discard the obvious…Pakatan’s last ditch to show force and garner support to throw Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and BN out of Putrajaya failed miserably.

The one million participants Pakatan’s leaders expected to throng Stadium Merdeka and the city did not materialize, their dream fizzled slowly as they walked out of the stadium feeling dejected at the end of the rally.

Pakatan’s political game can now be considered as over as the support to their last attempts showed the true situation – the ugly reality emerged – with Najib and the relevant authorities or even BN component parties do anything.

The truth is hard to swallow because it is bitter but Pakatan leaders have to face the truth, no matter how hard they try to ‘sweep them under the carpet’ but giving the beautiful picture of the oppositions being supported by millions of Malaysians.

The Merdeka stadium event is a total failure if one goes on mathematical calculations, a total failure even if one takes into account the feelings and sentiments of voters – the figure that attended was hardly 10 percent or to be exact just 5 percent of their expectations – 50,000 of the one million expected.

To put it plainly, Malaysians are fed up with Pakatan leaders cheats and lies and are sensible and rational enough to think what is good for the country and what are not good for the future.

Malaysians at large accept Najib’s sincerity in attempting to rectify the wrongs and transforms the country into something better for the future of one race – the Malaysian race.

Pakatan’s Merdeka stadium event is proof that the relevant authorities – the police, the City Hall council and the stadium management – had successfully co-ordinated the event to give Pakatan a smooth and successful show so that Pakatan leaders cannot blame them if it is a failure.

But alas, it was indeed a failure as Pakatan could did not get the figures the leaders wanted and Pakatan leaders now cannot blame the authorities for this failure as they always did.

One observation that should go unnoticed is that the participants were 90 percent Malays, proof of PAS and PKR members who are Malays are actually being made the fools and vehicles for chauvinistic DAP.

And PAS should realize by now that the party is not treated as same level by the DAP and PAS leaders should now re-think the party’s position in Pakatan.

The speeches made by Pakatan leaders did not even touch on the usage of the word ‘ALLAH’ as they left out the sensitive issue, given the dominant Malay-Muslim crowd by highlighting the old issues such as bersih, oil royalty, environment which have been repeated thousand times, as cover.

Worse of all was the participants did not even care to stand at attention when Pakatan leaders announced the singing of national anthem as participants continue walking about doing their things.

The Merdeka stadium event or what Pakatan called it as the People’s Uprising Rally was nothing than just another ceramah with the difference it was held in a stadium and attended by more than the normal audience.

With just few more months to go for the general election, Pakatan is now very desperate and their next move…well no one knows but expect more lies and cheats – repeats of issues with new actors and more suits, probably.



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